Things to consider when expanding your business into America

Expanding to the US in an attractive option for British companies as the US is already the world’s top importer of British goods, accounting for nearly 15% of the UK’s total exports. However, setting up in America can come as a challenge when you’re not a US resident.

Whilst there are a lot of advantages to setting up overseas, there is a lot to consider. The three routes into employing people in the US are setting up a branch office, creating a subsidiary or new legal entity or establishing a co-employment. Each route has a level of risk, cost and complexity which you evaluate in the full guide to US expansion.

If your business expansion requires you and non-US employees to work in the US then work visa’s need to be considered as well as setting up a US bank account to make your trade more seamless.

To find out more about what expanding to America looks like, you can view the infographic below.