Penetration testing and malware removal services are cyber security services that prevent, protect and minimise the damage of malicious cyber attacks. But why is this important?

With the cost of cyber security attacks rising by millions of dollars each year, preventative measures like penetration testing and malware removal services are also becoming increasingly necessary.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing, also known as a pentest or ethical hacking, involves administering an authorized simulated cyber attack on a computer or electronic network in order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the network and the potential for cyber criminals to exploit those weaknesses. Penetration testing providers ucover security vulnerabilities in a computing or electronic network, so that clients are able to bolster their security standards and protocols before they come face-to-face with cyber security attacks.

Malware removal

Malware removal services are required after a computing or electronic network has been hacked. Malware removal involves detecting malicious software hidden within an inflected electronic system or network and removing the malicious software before more damage is inflicted or data is lost. Malicious software can continue to inflict damage, corrupt files and much more until it is entirely removed from the infected network and its electronic data. Malware removal generally involves anti-virus and anti-malware programmes, however in severe cases, professional malware removal providers may be better equipped to handle the problem and secure any data, information or assets that may have been lost or damaged in the process.

The cost of cyber security

The U.S. government has allocated roughly $18.78 billion to cyber security spending in 2021 to secure all government networks, infrastructure and assets from cyber attacks, and to fund all other cyber security-related activities. On the other hand, taking into consideration businesses in both the private and public sector, malicious cyber attacks will cost the U.S economy almost $6 trillion, rising from $109 billion in 2016. This significant jump in how much cyber security preventative measures cost, and the rising cost of managing cyber attacks in the U.S. economy gives us an indication of the extent of the cyber security problem in the U.S. and the ensuing financial consequences thereof.

The overall cost of malicious cyber attacks on government assets and infrastructure, as well as private individuals and business, is astronomical. So why not prevent this kind of loss by taking your cyber security seriously and adopting preventative measures like penetration testing and malware removal services.

Cyber security for websites and online stores

The extent of cyber security that websites and online stores usually require is often misleading, and many of the more common web hosting providers that websites and online stores make use of, also underestimate the level of cyber security website and online stores often require. Considering the top hosting providers in the world, analysts like Adriaan Brits and his team at Sitetrail take into consideration how good their level of cybersecurity is, and so should customers. It’s important to be aware of web hosting providers, like Godaddy, who profit heavily on selling cheap packages but hit their customers with excessive upsells to improve their website or online store‚Äôs cyber security. Yet many other web hosting providers have good cyber security as their standard with no hidden costs to consumers.

This is why it is crucial to compare hosting plans to find a provider that is serious about its cyber security, does not charge consumers extra to improve cyber security of their website or online store, and also offers cyber security services like penetration testing and malware removal services.

Stop cyber security attacks before they happen

Cyber security has become a very expensive threat to big corporations and online stores. Preventing cyber attacks is easier than managing the consequences of lost data, damaged infrastructure and website downtime, which is why cyber security awareness has never been more important for private individuals, online stores and web hosting providers alike. 

By John