From storage units to storage wars, there are a multitude of storage-related shows, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that storage units are used for more than just storage. Storage units are actually the go-to place for many Americans when they need to store items that they either do not want to use at an immediate point, don’t have the room to store, or are not time-sensitive enough to be kept in storage. Here are the top seven things Americans store in storage units:

Extra Furniture

If you have just moved into a new apartment but can’t seem to fit your couch into it, you might have to either buy a storage unit or get storage units at your location. The storage units can fit your couch until you have a place for it in the new apartment.

Christmas Decorations

Every year, Americans put away their Christmas decorations so that they have room for other things in their house. The storage units provide an easy storage option for people to use.

Summer and Winter Clothes

The storage units are used to save room in storage, or your house, for your clothes that you will wear when it gets warmer or colder outside.

Family Heirlooms

Americans have been known to store family heirlooms in storage units for safe keeping.

Important Documents

Many Americans save legal and financial documents such as birth certificates, divorce papers, and wills into storage units. This makes the storage unit an important thing to have when that person or their family members need any of those documents later on down the road.

Old Electronics

Americans store old electronics such as phones, computers, and other devices that they no longer use because they have storage units available to them.


As storage units become more popular, storage companies are beginning to store books in storage units because people don’t have the room in their house for all of their books or storage companies are providing storage just for books.

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