If you are the proud owner of a brand-new car and are looking to invest in some add-ons, there are many options, depending on your taste. You have to be careful when buying car accessories, as it can very quickly get out of hand, costing you a lot more money than you had anticipated.

Here is our top 5 list of car accessories, in no particular order.

  1. In-Car Entertainment System – By far the most popular add-on is the hi-end car sound system, which may or may not include video and if you purchase the separate components from a leading Australian company such as www.bankstownsound.com.au, you can get the lowest prices on the top brands. Self-installation saves you even more money, make sure you order the installation kits for each component, as they include everything you need for installation.
  2. Ceramic Wrap – If you have recently taken possession of a brand-new vehicle, why not have the bodywork wrapped? This really does protect the car against the harsh Australian climate and you no longer need to use wax, as water simply runs off the ceramic coating. A Google search will help you to locate a nearby car wrap company, who can show you a few examples and quote a price.
  3. Dashcam & Rear Camera – These are great devices for recording incidents that occur while driving and if you are not at fault when involved in an accident, the footage can be used as evidence. The rear camera has many features and should someone bump the car when parked, the camera will automatically activate, filming the immediate area. Not trying to be negative, but here are 5 of the worst things that you could do to a new car.
  4. Wide Wheels – Young people like to trade in their regular wheels for wider rims and that means changing all 4 tyres, which can be expensive. Of course, wide wheels offer more grip and are therefore safer, especially around bends. 17-inch wheels are currently trending in some parts of the world, with stylish alloy rims and wide tyres. This is not always possible, as it depends on the chassis design, indeed, you might need extended wheel arches to accommodate wider wheels and tyres.
  5. Luxury Interior – This can take many forms, with plush velvet added to the upholstery and with clever use of small LED lighting units, you can create a unique ambience in your car. Spend some time searching with Google Images to see some great examples of what can be achieved inside a car and if you are reluctant to DIY, there are upholsters who would be happy to help. Be careful about the laws regarding additional lighting on vehicles, as you might end up with a ticket.

Most motorists like to buy accessories for their wheels in a bid to make the car unique in some way and the above are the most popular add-ons for this coming year.

By Manager