While CBD is certainly a rapidly expanding industry with a ton of potential and nowhere to go but up, there are hang-ups associated with the industry. The biggest one of those is in the marketing of CBD and CBD ads.

Unfortunately, due to legality issues in some states, CBD is not readily advertisable across all

platforms. CBD Facebook ads are still restricted and there does not seem to be an end in sight for that restriction to be lifted.

Google AdWords is running a test to see how these ads will do on their platform, but that is

still not a readily accessible way to efficiently perform a CBD marketing campaign. Still, there are alternative methods for marketing CBD that have proven effective.

The thing to keep in mind is that the CBD industry is still in its infancy. There are kinks to be

worked out and processes to be created. In the meantime, companies are just trying to figure things out as they go.

A trend that is growing across social media is the use of influencers to build business. It may sound foreign, but it is one of the most rapidly growing forms of marketing there is.

The Power of Influencers

It may sound like a crazy thing, but simply being popular on social media can actually be highly beneficial to both the account owner and the businesses looking to advertise. And since there are restrictions on paid ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, those influencers can have a monumental impact on the way that CBD companies market themselves.

The numbers are pretty staggering when you think about it. Around 75% of people use social media as a method of vetting a purchase they are about to make while 86% look to social media for buying tips. Millennial men tend to trust blogs, sites, and social media when they are looking to make purchasing decisions.

Still not convinced? 49% of consumers say they rely on influencers for new recommendations and 40% have purchased something that they saw on social media.

The fact of the matter is that these influencers are creating brand loyalty like never before. This means more lucrative marketing potential for companies in the CBD industry. They can reach their target audience as well as other users who may have never heard of CBD before. The potential for gains are absolutely massive and it looks like a trend that will only continue to grow moving forward.