Maintaining a professional portfolio is very important no matter the person’s background or age. Having a LinkedIn portfolio is free of charge and can help network individuals in their dream careers. Navigating the job market is never an easy task and for many entry-level opportunities, some form of experience is needed. Shalom Lamm is a well-rounded professional, who builds his business based on his experience. With such knowledge on different markets and business sectors, Lamm keeps everything tied together with a portfolio. 

Representing yourself in a world with so many different platforms is necessary. Recording anything you have done from education to job placement is a way to network. LinkedIn offers a variety of opportunities for individuals to connect and build professional relationships. Reaching out to other business professionals can help market yourself as a responsive person. Another way of building a professional portfolio can be helpful is because you never know when an opportunity might present itself. For example, let’s say you’re at an amusement park and the person in front of you happens to be the CEO of your dream company. Having a profile and portfolio ready to go can ensure a strong connection. That might seem like a one-in-a-million instance but in fact, those types of scenarios are much more common than people assume. Shalom Lamm says it’s very important to have a business portfolio updated and ready to share. Having ways recruiters or companies can easily contact you is crucial during this digital age. Being professional and always prepared is certain to find you a great career.