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Hoteliers are now consciously going green by adapting the sustainability life and mindset into their business. In addition, tourism and hospitality business owners have explored renewable energy sources beyond recycling, reusing and utility cost-cutting methods. They have now ventured into this grander scale effort, a Solar energy source.

Here are some hotels and accommodations that are worth our vacation days. 

Tierra Atacama Hotel and Spa in San Pedro de Atacama

Situated in a desert setting, it is highly ideal that the 32-room hotel recently converted 100% of its energy demand from a solar-powered hybrid system. The hotel boasts over 9,000 square feet of solar panels: a not too easy installation but doable.

Tierra Atacama is the pioneer South American hotel to go sustainable with solar energy. The company’s vision is to reduce fossil fuel utilisation, leading to a significant decrease in air pollutants and carbon footprint without compromising customer experience.

Chewton Glen, Hampshire EnglandThe stunning estate is running on renewable energy. It is a haven of sustainable living, according to experts on solar panels in Cheshire. Tucked away in the English countryside along the Solent coastline is a property spread across 130 acres of woodland and garden. The 14 eco-friendly tree villa suites showcase vast solar panels, low-energy lighting, air-source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting. Nestled in the heart of the estate is a walled kitchen garden and nursery which provide local sustenance of fruits and vegetables.

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