Though the phrase may initially appear to be a dichotomy between two distinct schools of thought, the effective marriage of two opposite principles can often result in fruitful outcomes. Within the financial and investment realms, mastery of this concept can produce vast financial success, ongoing growth, and the infrastructure needed to excel within the sphere of financial investment on a long-term basis. For Samuel Leach, the wildly successful young trader, and Founder/CEO of Samuel & Co. Trading, cautious risk-taking has been at the epicenter of his fledgling successes and continues to play an integral role throughout the growth of his ever-evolving company.

As a student at the University of Hertfordshire, Leach studied Marketing and Advertising and yearned to proactively set himself up for a promising future. By researching high net yielding positions, young Leach took the first steps to take control of his financial future. In this initial act of cautious risk-taking, Leach sought to minimize the risk of entering a financially fruitless field by conducting the research needed to determine the financial feasibility of prospective professions. Though he considered forays into the oil industry, amongst other areas, he ultimately decided that the stability, average payoff, and vast scale of the stock and trading markets would allow him the highest potential payoff, with the lowest average risk. With such practical calculations in mind, Leach set forth on the path to amassing a wide breadth of knowledge regarding all aspects of the field, recognizing the correlation between education, professional advancement, and the risk of failure. While many university students seemingly ebb and flow into Majors, and receive diplomas that are seemingly vague and resoundingly risky, the idea of cautious risk-taking can be implemented to generate a well-considered academic trajectory that will lead to a professional journey with minimized risk.

 After receiving a student loan stipend that could be utilized in whatever capacity Leach saw fit, the budding stock trader decided to delve into the actual world of stock market trading after extensively tracking his proverbial prowess via faux investments. As a result of these extensive “paper trades”, Leach gained the confidence needed to invest his £2,000 stipend into the stock market, tracking his progress incessantly. Within the first year, this initial investment grew into a sum of £178,000, rendering his initial investments wildly successful. Just shy of graduation, Leach engaged in the most transformative singular trade that would ultimately serve as the most prominent example of his particular brand of cautious risk-taking.

Recognizing the promise of an innovative product promising to be a viable alternative to Apple TV, Leach invested a lofty £10,000 into the company, recognizing that the promise of financial success was contingent upon the company’s ability to pass safety checks for the vast order of new equipment that was just purchased. Recognizing this particular moment as pivotal within the growth trajectory of this company, Leach heavily researched similar situations, outcomes of other safety checks, and the risks associated with the potential failure of these safety checks. By comprising all of the data through his cautious risk-taking scenario, Leach was able to proactively deduce the risk versus reward standards in regard to this particular investment and readily declared that it would be a fantastic opportunity to pursue. Merely three days after his initial investment, the stock was valued at a whopping £110,000 after passing the anticipated safety checks. By initially reading press releases, educating himself regarding the relative chances of success with passing the safety testing, and remaining ahead of the general public in terms of recognition of this company’s worth, Leach was able to cautiously take a risk on what appeared to be a relatively safe, and promising bet.

For Leach, who now empowers many employees, peers, and promising stock market traders via his company, Samuel & Co. Trading, the dichotomy of risk-taking, and remaining cautious, is married effectively by the active pursuit of information, and the utilization of rational thought to determine the viability of the investment. From his initial considerations of entering this field to effectively maximize reward while minimizing risk, to his carefully planned bold investments, Leach has employed this particular tactic from the beginning of his career. As his prowess within the industry rises, he continues to tout the efficacy of cautious risk-taking.

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