There’s a lot to think about when you’re preparing yourself for university, and this doesn’t just mean your studies or future career plans. It’s about the huge change in your lifestyle and home-base, as well as extra preparation needed for this all-important change in your life. 

To make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible, here are 6 things you must remember to do before your first day. 

  • Make Sure Your Accommodation is in Order

You of course need to know where you’re going to live, and you need to arrange this as far in advance as you can. If you’re choosing student accommodation like Swansea Uni Accommodation, the sooner you begin looking and planning, the more likely you are to find something you’re wholly happy with without the risk of a new student getting there first. 

Take the time to explore student accommodation options for your chosen university, and make sure you find somewhere with adequate facilities and the space you need. 

Also think about the distance you would prefer to your university, such as directly on campus or within commutable distance. 

  • Sort Through Your Belongings 

You need to know what you’re taking in order to pack your priorities and leave behind anything which will only serve to take up valuable space. It may be that you’re leaving behind your old room at a parent’s house so you have more freedom in what you leave behind, but if you need to completely clear out your belongings, you’ll want to declutter and only keep what you need for university. 

  • Prepare Your Recommended Course Material 

Depending on your course, you may have recommended reading to do in advance. It’s beneficial to do this in time for your start date so that you’re completely up to date with your course material when your first day commences. 

  • Explore Your New Location 

You will already have explored your university campus and your accommodation, but what about the surrounding area? Do you know where all your key transport links are, or where the nearest shops and cultural spots are? Get to know your new location!

  • Learn New Lifestyle Skills 

Living at university can pose a challenge for those who have only ever lived with parents or who have never had to do many household chores. Learning how to cook is a hugely beneficial skill for your university experience, as eating healthily and being able to whip up your own meals is key. 

You should also make sure you understand basic household skills, such as using a washing machine, how to separate certain clothes for the wash, good home-cleaning hacks and also learning to understand utility bills within the home.

  • Arrange Things with Friends and Family

You might want to spend extra time with your loved ones before you start university if you are going to be moving far away. It’s good to make sure your friends and family know your schedule and how they can expect to contact you, or when you are going to see one another next.

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