The holidays are just around the corner, and soon you’ll be decking the halls for your employees and customers to enjoy. However, decor in a commercial space tends to look different than that in a home. 

Whether you own a grocery store or manage an office, you have plenty of creative ways to bring the holiday spirit into your space while staying on brand. These decorations will lift everyone’s mood during the happiest time of the year. 

If you’re looking for some creative ways to decorate your commercial property this holiday season, consider the following ideas. 

  1. Choose a color scheme

Your commercial property represents your brand, so it’s best to be intentional with your decorations. This is especially important if you run a customer-facing business such as a store or hotel. Select a color scheme before you hang any decorations. You might choose classic green and red or create an elegant look with red and gold. Purchase ornaments for your tree in accordance with your color scheme, and be sure that the colors are consistent both inside and out. Avoiding too many splashes of color will be pleasing to the eye without taking away from the function of your business. 

  1. Add natural elements

Even if you don’t have the space for a full Christmas tree, you’ll find plenty of ways to bring the outdoors indoors this holiday season. Elements such as natural garland on the stairs, wreaths on commercial doors, pine cones, and table arrangements with pine foliage can be beautiful additions to your space. Flowers like poinsettia are also a classic touch. You might put these on your reception desk and in various offices around the space.

  1. Hang string lights

The twinkle of string lights are a classic part of the holiday season, and you can be creative by placing this lighting around the building. If you run an office, string these lights along each cubicle. You can also decorate the exterior of your building with string lights. Hire a professional to hang them along the building and in the trees on your property. This subtle touch of sparkle can brighten up the office and help your employees get in the spirit. 

  1. Create custom stockings

The holidays are a great time to show your employees that you appreciate them. Custom stockings double as tokens of your appreciation and holiday decor. Whether you own a dentist office or a coffee shop, hang a stocking for each of your staff members on the wall. You can drop little gifts in there and encourage your employees to do the same for each other. This idea also gives your customers a chance to learn the names of your employees, making the holidays all the more personal.

  1. Hold a contest

A decorating competition is a fun idea for any business with multiple departments. Challenge each team to decorate their area in a fun and creative way. They might make gingerbread houses out of their cubicles or create a stack of ornately wrapped gifts. You might designate a panel of judges to decide the winner, or you can hold a voting contest. Your employees will likely let their competitive side show and create some impressive decor schemes. 

While you certainly want to be intentional with your holiday decor plans in your commercial space, remember to have fun with it as well. Retailers like offer a wide selection of holiday decorations to fit your brand. A bit of humor and youthfulness can make your office, hotel, restaurant, or store stand out in the neighborhood, bringing cheer to your employees and customers. You might even become more enthusiastic about your decorations year after year. 

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