Unfiled tax years can be a daunting prospect, as well as a major source of stress and anxiety. Trying to tackle unfiled taxes without the help of an attorney is difficult, if not impossible. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider hiring an attorney when dealing with unfiled tax years:

1. Understanding of Laws

An attorney can help you understand the tax laws. Tax law is complex and constantly evolving, and it’s important to ensure that you are accurately navigating these laws when dealing with unfiled taxes. An experienced attorney will have a good grasp of the legal requirements for taxation and be able to provide guidance on how best to handle your situation.

2. Negotiating with the IRS

An attorney can help you negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Having a knowledgeable advocate on your side can make it much easier to find common ground and reach an agreement that works for both parties. An experienced attorney will be able to assess your situation and determine what actions are necessary to ensure compliance with the IRS.

3. Avoiding Penalties and Interest

An attorney can help you avoid hefty penalties and interest associated with non-compliance of tax rules. An experienced attorney will be able to identify areas of potential risk and take the necessary steps to mitigate them before they become a problem. Furthermore, an attorney can negotiate on your behalf to reduce or eliminate any associated penalties and interest.

4. Preparing Complex Returns

An attorney can help you prepare complex tax returns that cover multiple unfiled years. A qualified attorney will know the appropriate forms to use for your situation as well as how to accurately calculate taxes owed for each year. An experienced attorney will also be able to provide advice on how to optimize your return and get the best possible outcome.

5. Representation During Audits

An attorney can represent you if your unfiled taxes are audited by the IRS. Having an experienced professional on your side is essential in a tax audit, as they will be able to provide advice and guidance throughout the process to ensure that you receive due process and make the best decisions for your situation.

6. Easing Stressful Processes

An attorney can help ease the stress associated with dealing with unfiled taxes. The process of filing back taxes can be overwhelming, but an experienced attorney will be able to provide clarity and guidance throughout the entire process, taking the pressure off of you.

7. Reassurance & Peace of Mind

Finally, an attorney can offer reassurance and peace of mind in a situation where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or uncertain. An experienced attorney will be able to provide sound advice throughout the entire process and ensure that everything is handled correctly.

By hiring an attorney to assist with unfiled tax years, you can benefit from the experience and expertise of a qualified professional. An attorney will be able to provide guidance and representation while handling any necessary negotiations with the IRS on your behalf. This can help ensure that your tax situation is handled properly and efficiently, allowing you to move forward with peace of mind.