Pest control in commercial premises is vital, with infestations of rodents, insects, and birds putting reputations and livelihoods at stake. Pests are much more than an irritation when businesses are involved. As well as causing serious damage to property, they can also be a health hazard and can even result in local authorities closing companies down. Read on for commercial pest control tips for 2021. 

Install door sweeps

Door sweeps may not be a new invention, but it’s surprising how many businesses are still not using them to keep pests out of their properties. Some pests, particularly insects, come through subtle cracks in the walls or foundations, however, doors are also easy entry points. Door sweeps provide an efficient and economical means of keeping pests out of your facility. Since they seal gaps between the door and the threshold, they prevent insects and rodents from creeping through the small gaps under the door.

Carry out regular drain maintenance 

Often, rodent infestations are a result of poor drainage systems. When food waste goes down the drain, many people like to think it simply disappears. However, residual food particles can lead to odours which attract pests. Your maintenance team should ensure that drains within your premises are inspected and serviced regularly. Keeping your drains in optimal condition can help to prevent infestations. 

Empty waste and recycling bins often 

Pests love to hide in waste and recycling bins since they provide them with an almost constant supply of food. The decaying waste in your bins is the perfect meal for insects and rodents. However, proper waste disposal and management can help to keep pests at bay. Make sure they’re closed when not in use to keep them from getting inside. Ideally, they should be leak-proof to prevent drips and liquids from accumulating around the bins. They should also be empty and cleaned regularly. Without proper maintenance of your bins, infestations can easily occur. 

Minimise rotting food in storage and processing areas 

If you prepare and store food within your commercial premises, it’s important to take steps to prevent it from rotting. Whatever food you bring in, try to use it before it begins to decay. Fruit flies and other pests are attracted to rotting foods, so it’s important to dispose of it as quickly as possible once it begins to decompose. You should also prevent access to food by storing items within airtight containers.

Hire a pest control company

Sometimes, an infestation can occur even when you’ve taken all the necessary steps to keep pests out of your commercial premises. Therefore, it makes sense to enlist the services of a team of pest control experts who can eradicate insects, rodents, and birds from your premises safely and affordably. 

A commercial pest infestation can spell disaster for businesses, Whether it occurs in a restaurant or kitchen, hotel, office, school, or warehouse, the repercussions can be huge. So, to protect public health and safeguard your organisation’s reputation, make sure you have a professional pest control plan in place.

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