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Carlos Beirao da Veiga recognizes a genius marketing plan when he sees one. At his successful Portuguese marketing agency, Da Viega Consulting, he gives his clients insight into 2022’s marketing landscape as he examines the ever-shifting sands of staying on top of business.

“I tell my clients the hard truth about crafting a new marketing strategy every year,” Beirao da Veiga says. “I tell them to tweak their marketing campaigns monthly or more often. I advise my clients, who are business sophisticates that marketing campaigns are living organisms. In all seriousness, marketing campaigns must remain as flexible and alive as a living creature. Why? Technology. One’s company must adapt to the always-changing nature of technology to survive.”

Considered a pioneer of modern marketing, Carlos Beirao da Veiga creates state-of-the-art marketing campaigns for companies of all types, sizes, and industries at Da Veigas Consulting. A native of Portugal, Beirao da Veiga provides marketing services to various companies in Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.    

Carlos Beirao da Veiga’s Opinion that Modern Firms Embrace Digital

Carlos Beirao da Veiga maintains a crystal-clear understanding of 2022’s global marketing trends so that he can help his clients keep their existing customers happy and add potential customers to the pipeline

“Correctly assessing and implementing the freshest marketing trends can make the difference between a company’s success or downfall,” Beirao da Veiga says.

Integrating cultural and technological trends into one’s digital marketing plans is the way of the future, say marketing experts who have witnessed multiple economic downtowns and upticks throughout their careers, as has Beirao da Veiga.

“Businesses should embrace new strategies and approach work from fresh angles while developing strategic marketing plans,” Beirao da Veiga says. “Companies have a wealth of innovative digital marketing tools that can take their marketing strategies into various successful directions.”

Beirao da Veiga sees how his marketing agency’s technological advantage extends to all departments from his vantage point. He has the outline for future success firmly in his grip and boldly steps forward.

“Modern marketing means taking new directions rather than sticking to your usual approach,” Beirao da Viegoa says. “Business owners and CEOS must engineer the underpinnings of digital marketing – visuals, video, personalization, and mass customization – at every touchpoint to survive in this competitive landscape. There is no other way forward.”

Other Experts Agree with Carlos Beirao da Veigas About Digital

Josh Dougherty, chief executive officer and co-founder of Seattle marketing agency A Brave New, echoes Carlos Beirao da Veiga’s wisdom about how to lead marketing operations for successful companies in 2022. Dougherty says companies must remain flexible – and get flexible if they aren’t already – because the overarching trend in 2022 is toward tactical effectiveness.

“It’s imperative to spend time understanding the core of your brand and what makes you unique so that you can effectively build your brand in whatever channels you pivot to throughout the year,” Dougherty says.

“In 2022, business success is about flexibility,” Beirao da Veiga says. “For example, consumers worldwide are shifting to shopping online for many items – not just the nice, specialty items consumers once had to seek. Consumers have grown accustomed to online shopping, and their expectations have shifted. Consumers are examining a broader range of products to purchase online and expect better customer service, too.”

“Business owners should pay close attention to video marketing as a digital tool,” Beirao da Veiga says. “It is the future of marketing activity – any marketing expert will admit as much.”

According to one crucial report, 26 percent of respondents plan to increase their in-house online video skillsets. In addition, Google reports that YouTube reaches more 18–49-year-old viewers than all cable networks can attract. Photo and video posts also generate more engagement than those using text as the sole communication vehicle.

 “Incorporating video into your strategy cannot be an afterthought for any organization,” Beirao da Veiga says. “It provides a huge opportunity to connect to a wider audience. Video also builds trust, as it is more naturally candid. Video humanizes your brand and gives customers a better understanding and feel for your brand essence.”

The Importance of Digital Video Platforms

In 2022, consumer habits changed surrounding video consumption to the extent that it created a cultural zeitgeist. The natural honesty of video presentation, even when used as a selling vehicle, attracts customers.

 Kimberly Jones, CEO of Butler/Till communications agency in Rochester, NY., deploys customized media solutions.

“The biggest entertainment platforms in the world today are online, digital and on-demand,” she says. “Leaning into the emerging storytelling tools of these platforms is a crucial exercise for brands this year.”

Similarly, Carlos Beirao da Veiga stresses the importance of storytelling to long-term success on digital platforms. He knows it’s no longer a one-size-fits-all marketing game.

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