Whether you have no choice but to take your pet pooch away with you or whether you simply want your furry friend to see more of the world, when travelling with dogs, it’s crucial that you take a number of crucial precautions into account. No matter how long you are travelling for, this nomadic experience will prove to be somewhat of an upheaval for your canine companion. It is, then, highly recommended that you take your dog’s health, wellbeing, and happiness into account before, during, and after you’ve hit the open road with them.

To find three top tips on how to travel with dogs, be sure to read on.

Ensure that your dog is ready for the trip

Depending on his/her age, general disposition, and health status, your dog may or may not be ready to go travelling. Before you set off on your adventure, then, it’s recommended that you take some time to discuss the trip with a qualified vet. This professional will study your pet extensively, take your travel destination into account, and ultimately decide whether or not your dog is capable of being away from home for an extended period of time.

Tend to your dog’s nutritional requirements

When travelling with your furry friend, it can be easy to forget to tend to their nutritional requirements. This, however, could end up making the travelling experience a whole lot harder for both yourself and your dog. If your canine companion doesn’t consume nutritious substances while away from home, he or she could suffer from bowel problems or, more harrowingly, a weakened immune system. Either of these unfortunate instances could stop you and your dog from enjoying your time away from home, ultimately making the vacation a waste of time for everybody involved.

If you want to keep your pet pooch fighting fit throughout the duration of your vacation, you might want to consider feeding them raw dog food. This will improve their bone health, protect their immune system, reduce their stool volume, and even decrease their overall body odour.

Secure your dog in the car

If you are going to be travelling to your vacation destination by car, securing your dog in place within the vehicle is very much advised. Your pooch could be liable to jump up at any second while you’re driving, an action that could endanger them, you, your fellow passengers, and other road users.

To effectively keep your dog secure and safe within your moving vehicle, try putting the following advice into practice:

1. Invest in a dog harness seat belt (if your dog is prone to misbehaving during car journeys, be aware of the fact that he or she could be liable to chew through the harness at any point)

2. Attach a zipline harness (this is a type of harness that offers both restraint and flexibility, making it perfect for puppies and active dogs)

3. Put your dog in a pet crate that will be large enough to accommodate them comfortably for the duration of the journey. Taking them to a winter or summer destination can both take a toll on their paws so be sure to bring and apply dog paw balm on their drying out paws.

By Rob