The individual has become far more concerned on average with reducing their carbon footprint. The dedication of recycling for some and with ecofriendly purchases can eliminate a majority of the waste they would produce otherwise. There are far more items than many people realize that can also be recycled to provide convenience and reduce waste. According to the experts at Clearabee, The following are items that most people do not realize can be recycled. 


Purchasing a new bike means it is time to let go of the old one which can be done in various ways. Donations are possible while most people sell bikes that are in reasonably good condition. Certain bikes have seen the end of the lifetime can be given to bike shops that will salvage and repair a bike. Being able to help raise money for a charity bike shop that sells bikes with a portion of proceeds going to a charitable cause can also be tax deductible. 


A large number of mattresses can be seen on curbs during all times of the year. Throwing away an old mattress is very common as people do not realize these can also be recycled. The transport of the mattress could be the issue as some can be far too large to transport safely. Once at a recycling plant all components of the mattress can be reused in various ways. Sending the mattress to the dump is wasteful once you have the knowledge that mattresses can be recycled. 

Old Athletic Shoes 

The lifespan of athletic shoes depends on the volume of activity done on the shoe. Most very active individuals have to get running shoes or basketball shoes on a relatively consistent basis. There are some companies that will accept old shoes as they will reuse the materials in order to make new shoes. There are certain shops that will even offer a customer a discount if they leave their old shoes with them. 

Recycling is as important as ever and can make a huge impact on a local area. Reducing personal waste will allow you to do your part to reduce the overall carbon footprint. With enough informed citizens of the world, huge changes could be on the way!

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