When it comes to keeping your baby comfortable and safe at night, choosing the right sleepwear is essential. There are so many options and knowing what works best for your baby may take some trial and error. With a heavily saturated market of products to choose from, narrowing down where to start can be difficult. Here are five suggested types of sleepwear you can choose for your baby:

1. Pajamas

These two-piece sets often feature footed bottoms with long-sleeved tops that close with a zipper or buttons. Look for pajamas made of flame-resistant or snug-fit fabric designed to keep your baby warm while they sleep. These are a good option for cooler weather and can also be used for lounging around the house.

2. Sleep Sacks or Suits

These sleepwear pieces come sleeveless or in a one piece and are an ideal way to keep your baby warm and secure during sleep. While sleep sacks are basically a wearable blanket, they are available in different weights to provide additional warmth. Sleep suits are similar to sleep sacks but come with arms and legs, making them perfect for babies who like to move around in their sleep. They come in a variety of materials, including lightweight cotton and plush flannel and are often designed with secure zippers.

3. Gowns

These comfortable one-piece sleepwear pieces allow for easy diaper changes while still keeping your baby warm during sleep. Gowns can be found in a variety of fabrics, such as light cotton or warmer fleece. A gown is a good option for hotter climates or summer months.

4. Footed One-Piece Outfits

These romper-style sleepwear pieces are comfortable and snug, making them a popular choice for keeping baby warm during sleep. Look for ones made of cozy cotton or bamboo fabric that won’t irritate your baby’s skin. When it comes to footed one-piece outfits, look for ones that have a snug fit and are flame resistant.

5. Sleepers

The classic two-piece sleepwear option, sleepers include a long-sleeved shirt and footed pants. Look for ones made of breathable fabric to keep your baby cool during the warmer months. Using a sleeper can make it easier to transition from sleepwear to daywear since the pants can easily be worn on their own during the day.

No matter which type of sleepwear you choose, it’s important to check the fit and make sure it won’t be too tight or loose on your baby. Additionally, always check the fabric and label for washing instructions to ensure your baby’s sleepwear stays comfortable and safe through every night of sleep.

With the right sleepwear, you can rest assured knowing your baby is safe and comfortable throughout the night. Choose from these five types of sleepwear for your little one and you’ll both get a good night’s sleep.