With many energy providers offering various types of tariffs for electricity, to find the best deal for your business, compare business electricity prices.

While profit maximization is one of the most important businesses goals, the significance of cutting overhead cost or operating expenses cannot be ignored.

Considering that energy bills of a business contribute to the rising operating costs, businesses look for different options for decreasing their electricity bill.

Since the energy consumption pattern cannot be controlled in most situations, most businesses rely on low electricity tariffs to reduce their energy bills.

Our guide answers the key questions you might have about business electricity:

Why Compare Business Electricity?

  1. To Find the Best Deal

You cannot find the best energy deal without comparing businesses electricity prices offered by different providers. Businesses that have entered into a business energy contract without comparing prices end up making the wrong decision.

On examining the business energy contract, a professional might come across many flaws in the agreement.

The ever-changing business energy prices prompt consumers to compare electricity costs to make sure that they’re buying electricity at a reasonable price.

  1. To Find a Reliable Provider

The price of electricity charged by a provider might not reflect the quality of the service. Businesses need reliable and trustworthy electricity providers that can meet their energy requirements easily.

While comparing business electricity prices, you must also consider the quality of service.

How to Compare Business Electricity Prices

You can compare the rates charged by different electricity providers by visiting an energy comparison site.

A well-known business energy comparison site offers up-to-date electricity prices charged by big and smaller energy suppliers.

Though the average market price of electricity depends on the location of your business, different companies charge different rates.

Moreover, feedbacks received from consumers help energy comparison websites to rate the quality of services offered by different electricity providers.

Consequently, apart from comparing business electricity prices, consumers can also compare the quality of services.

By visiting an energy comparison site, you can easily choose a trustworthy and reliable electricity provider who can satisfy your business’s energy requirement.

The price updates provided by energy price comparison sites helps visitors compare the latest electricity prices. As a result, businesses can track changes in the market prices of electricity and buy electricity at a reasonable rate.

How to Reduce Your Business Electricity Expenses

Irrespective of the size of your business, it is possible to reduce your electricity expenses. Here are some good tips to help keep those bills down to a minimum:

  1. Watch Out For “out-of-contract” Rates

If you have just moved office, then you could be paying “out-of-contract” rates, which are higher than standard rates. By entering into a contract, you will reduce your energy bills immediately.

  1. Paying Too Little Isn’t Good News

Paying too little may not seem like cause for alarm, but you could end up paying a huge backlog of bills all at once if you don’t notify your energy provider.

However, if you think that your provider has been negligent in letting debts build up, you can take your case to Energy Ombudsman.

  1. Be Eco-Friendly

Take simple steps like changing to energy efficient light bulbs around the office, switching lights off when they are not needed, and emailing instead of printing to save some extra cash.

Getting a smart meter is another good idea, as it allows you to monitor your energy consumption and makes everybody in the office aware of what they need to do to keep figures down. The Greener Energy Group can advise you on ways to save energy further. 

  1. Compare Tariffs

It is highly unlikely that the first deal you find will be the best for you and your business. It is only by looking around that you are sure to find a good rate. Don’t be afraid of switching rates either, as it can often save you money in the long haul.

  1. Energy Comparison Websites

Energy comparison websites are a great tool in ensuring you have the most cost-effective supplier and aren’t wasting money needlessly.

Many people are put off changing provider as they think it’ll be a hassle and lots of paperwork. Conversely, it is relatively straightforward to switch suppliers.

  1. Avoid Wasting Electricity

Wastage of electricity is all too common in the office and can result in significant expenses over the years. Make sure that devices that are not in use are left on standby, and don’t leave lights on overnight either.

  1. Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Not only do energy saving light bulbs save on energy bills but also help the environment. They’re the latest in modern lighting and also save the hassle of having to replace bulbs frequently.

  1. Open Windows

Open windows instead of opting for expensive air conditioning, even a few fans placed around the office will be more economical than an office air conditioning unit.


Business electricity prices change frequently. The price updates provided by energy price comparison sites helps visitors to compare the latest electricity prices.

Therefore, businesses can track changes in the market prices of electricity and purchase electricity at a reasonable rate.

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