Digital marketing metrics or KPIs are values that track and measure the performance of websites and digital campaigns. These values are important because they help marketers to optimise the performance of their digital marketing efforts.

Returning Visitor Metric

This KPI tells you how many visitors have returned to your website over a given period. By knowing this metric, you can improve your website or marketing campaign and achieve better results. You can contact a good UK conversion rate optimisation agency online and reduce your customer churn. There are can be several reasons behind a high attrition rate.

First Visit Metric

Find out how customers are reaching your website and how engaged are they with your content. Buyers would be coming to your market-place from various directions. This could be social media search results or even referrals. Indirectly, this metric tells to improve your website’s organic reach.

Brand Awareness Metric

Track how your brand is performing on social media and branded search. Through this key performance indicator, you can identify the pain points of your social media marketing. Is Twitter giving you the desired results? Should you invest more in branded social media campaigns?

Marketing ROI

You also need to about the efficiency of your digital marketing campaigns. For example, if your digital marketing campaign cost $100,000, but the revenue it brought in was $90,000, it means there is a loss of $10,000. There are many digital marketing tools that tell you about the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Incremental Sales

With this KPI, you can find out how much additional revenue you are achieving through your marketing campaign. This way, you can find out whether your digital marketing campaign is profitable or not.

Purchase Funnel Process

You can also know how customers evaluated your product before purchasing it. This metric can help you identify areas that you can improve; for example, a lot of customers are interested in your product, but very few are buying it. What could be the reason?

In this case, you could perhaps change your checkout page and see whether that works or not. Many digital marketers use this KPI to improve their performance.

Total Visits

Find out the number of people who have visited your website after noticing your digital campaign. This way, you can compare this year’s figures versus last year’s numbers.

Customer Lifetime Value

This is an important consideration for all marketers. This KPI tells you the lifetime value of every customer. You can track customer sales through his IP address, etc. By getting the CLV data, you can identify your most profitable customers. Deploy the right strategies to retain them.

Customer Acquisition Costs

Find out how much does it cost to acquire a new customer. This metric is actually a cost and benefit analysis of your company and its business.

Average Time on Page

This metric tells you about the engagement levels of your customers. Through this KPI, you can find out the top-performing pages in your website.

By Rob