When one thinks of London’s historic landmarks, Buckingham Palace, Royal Albert Hall and the Tower of London usually fit into every tourist’s itinerary. However, a trip to London is incomplete if you haven’t been on the London Eye, especially if you are visiting the city for the first time. First time budget travellers should book themselves into hotels near Victoria Tube Station, London, for easy access to all the popular tourist destinations.

When you are 404 feet above the city, you get a real bird’s eye view of the entire cityscape, which is an enthralling experience because you are higher than most of the tallest buildings in London, says Sidney Hotel, one of the best budget hotels in Victoria London. And, the best time to get the most jaw-dropping view is sunset.

About the London Eye

Also known as the Millennium Wheel, the London Eye is a ginormous Ferris wheel constructed on the southern bank of River Thames. It was first opened for the general public on March 9, 2000. Statistics show that over 30 million people had already been on the London Eye till June 5, 2008. The London Eye is one of the most visited landmarks in the capital of the UK, situated right in the heart of central London, directly opposite to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament.

Interesting Trivia on the Giant Wheel

The wheel has 32 capsules, each of which represents one of the London Boroughs. However, the capsules are numbered 1 to 33, with 13 being left out to avoid bad luck. At any one time, 25 people can fit inside a capsule, with complete freedom of movement. From the London Eye, you can see up to a range of 40 km. This wheel rotates at a leisurely speed of 0.9 kph or 26 cm in one second. Can you believe that this pace is only as fast as a sprinting tortoise?

At this pace, it takes nearly 30 minutes for the wheel to complete one rotation, carrying 800 people. However, this smooth pace is necessary to for a worthwhile experience. One can get enough time to sit back, enjoy the view and take the most memorable photographs of the city. You’ll be amazed to see how magnificent London looks in the photos shot from a height.

Seeing London like that will definitely tempt you to see the major landmarks up close. Make sure you visit Victoria Station, Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Royal Albert Hall, the Passport Office London, Tate Britain, Westminster Abbey, Madame Tussauds, Queen Elisabeth Conference Centre, Belgrave Road, Pimlico Underground Station and Gatwick Express, after you visit the London Eye.

And, to ensure a memorable experience, check yourself into one of the best budget hotels near Victoria Tube Station, London, to gain easy access to all these amazing landmarks. Of course, you could always move to London 🙂

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