We want to spend so much time in our favourite clothes. However, we often don’t wear them for a long time because we are afraid to mess them up. As a matter of fact, we never expect to get stains on our clothes but, sometimes it is unavoidable. Unfortunately, some stains are so stubborn that one has to think of giving up trying to remove them. This usually happens because people try to use one method for removing all stains. Due to this, some stains disappear completely while some last forever 

It is important to know that different types of stains need different strategies or hacks to remove them. Let us breakdown stains into different types and explore ways to remove them 

  1. Bloodstains:

When you bleed for any reason, the first thing that comes to your mind after using a bandage is how to keep your clothes clean from the blood. However, a stain is most of the time here waiting for you to get annoyed. It is sometimes really difficult to remove blood stains.

Bloodstains don’t go away quickly with commonly used detergents. One of the most effective ways to remove blood stains is to use hydrogen peroxide. All you need to do is soak the part of clothing with a bloodstain in hydrogen peroxide for a while, rub the fabric and then wash it with the common detergent.  

  1. Collar stains: 

We are all aware of the fact of how problematic it gets when we have stubborn stains on our collars. Whether it is our formal workplace dress or a casual t-shirt, we never want to see stains on our collars. The shampoo is available in every house using which, collar stains can vanquish in no time. You might be surprised to learn that shampoo can remove stains. The best thing is that every shampoo can do this trick. So, you don’t need to search for a particular shampoo. Just pour a little amount on the stain and wash it off

  1. Stains of grease:

Many launderers know that it is not easy for them to get rid of grease spots. It is very frustrating to see grease spots refusing to go away no matter how many times you wash. We recommend you to use cornstarch to use that can absorb the grease. Another best way to remove these spots is to use the spray which is usually used for doors and windows to remove grease from them. The same liquid can be sprayed on clothes. This will lift out grease without causing any harm to clothes 

  1. Ink stains:

We often have to give up on our favourite clothes when we accidentally ruin them with ink. Of everything, the ballpoint pen’s ink is most stubborn. However, washing the garment with hot water can remove these stains. But, you will have to wash your clothes multiple times to get rid of these stains completely.

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