Miami, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–July 31, 2023)–In the latest episode of the “Mastery Podcast with Dr. Sas,” listeners were introduced to Eboni Gee, a former Registered Nurse who has successfully transitioned into the role of an implementation strategist. In “Mastering Organization with Eboni Gee,” she shed light on how, through precision and dedication, she assists businesses and individuals in bringing their strategic plans to fruition.

Eboni’s expertise is centered around delivering finalized projects and encouraging individuals to lead their lives with intention, joy, and satisfaction. With her rich background as an author, nurse, entrepreneur, wife, and mother, she shared her understanding of the intricate journey to self-discovery amidst the chaos of life.

In the episode, Eboni invited listeners to join her in “Living With a Purpose,” her initiative focused on promoting the transformative power of intentional living which not only affects personal growth but also creates a positive impact on the surrounding community. Join us in experiencing the profound influence of purposeful living with Eboni Gee in this insightful episode.

About Guest: Eboni Gee

Eboni Gee, Registered Nurse and Implementation Strategist.
Eboni Gee, Registered Nurse and Implementation Strategist.

Eboni Gee has dedicated more than 22 years of her life to healthcare, initially serving as a registered nurse. Recently, she transitioned to become an implementation strategist, assisting businesses and individuals in their strategic planning endeavors.

Eboni brings a unique blend of healthcare knowledge and strategic planning experience. As a wellness strategist, she provides practical solutions to busy professional women, specifically in areas of time management, organization, and prioritization. Her purpose is to aid these individuals in striking a balance amidst their hectic lives, helping them realize and achieve extraordinary feats in their personal and professional journeys.

About Host: Dr. Sas

The host of the Mastery Podcast, Dr. Sas, is a success coach, author, podcaster, and speaker with a unique and diverse career background. Having served in the US Airforce, she has held high-level positions in various companies, owned six different businesses, and is currently the founder and CEO of Awakened Goddess LLC.

Dr. Sas guides professionals and entrepreneurs to find clarity in their lives, careers, and businesses. With a strong emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle, healing, and self-mastery, Dr. Sas uses her platform to stimulate conversations around peace, love, health, and happiness.

About The Program: The Mastery Podcast with Dr. Sas

The Mastery Podcast with Dr. Sas is a weekly series committed to motivating and inspiring leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs. The podcast features expert guest speakers from various fields, equipping its listeners with insightful strategies and empowering narratives that aid in personal and professional growth.

Promoting a culture of understanding, warmth, and mutual respect, the podcast emphasizes love, kindness, empathy, compassion, and gentleness. It inspires listeners to embrace authenticity, overcome past challenges, and confidently live their true purpose.

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