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On Wednesday, April 24th, FountainHead RI will host its inaugural major in-person event of 2024, marking the commencement of the Rhode Island Climate Stocktake. The gathering will take place at the exquisite Waterfire Arts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, aiming to provide a comprehensive view of the energy transition from both global and local standpoints. Key focal points encompass entrepreneurship, infrastructure investing, insights post-COP28 from Dubai, and perspectives from Rhode Island, firmly anchored against the RI Act on Climate. This lens includes viewpoints from legislators, corporations, venture capitalists, Departments of Energy, and Environmental Management, among others.. Despite its small size, Rhode Island has made significant strides in the clean energy transition, punching well above its weight.

FountainHead RI's Climate Stocktake event on Wendesday, April 24

The event is anticipated to attract hundreds of leaders in decarbonization, with many participating from beyond the state and even the country.

For more information on the program, the speakers and to register one can access the FountainHead RI’s Climate Stocktake event site: https://1businessworld.com/fountainhead-rhode-island-climate-stocktake/#register-section

Jason Dodier, Co-Founder of FountainHead RI and a prominent global climate advocate, speaker, and Co-Founder of Grain Ecosystem, a Climate tech startup focused on decarbonizing supply chains (Scope 3) and advancing carbon dioxide removal projects like biochar, highlighted, “Over the years, FountainHead RI has played a pivotal role in raising awareness and spurring action in critical areas, particularly those prioritized by our community. In the wake of COP28 and Rhode Island’s commendable efforts, we saw fit to convene the global network of FountainHead RI for a significant event aimed at exploring the realm of possibilities. How can we leverage Rhode Island’s momentum and accelerate progress, particularly with the keen interest from venture capitalists, infrastructure investors, and startups eager to engage in the Rhode Island and broader New England Climate ecosystem? This embodies the essence of our mission.”

According to FountainHead RI Co-Founder David Almonte, “This event presents an incredible opportunity to unite national and local industry experts to learn, evolve, and make tangible impacts on critical climate issues, starting right here in Rhode Island.”

Tailored for professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors propelling climate innovation, the event offers a prime platform for networking, gaining insights, and actively participating in Rhode Island’s expanding role in global climate initiatives. Seize the opportunity to connect with like-minded visionaries and contribute to Rhode Island’s impactful journey toward a sustainable future.

Among the confirmed participants, the event will feature Rhode Island Speaker of the House Joseph Shekarchi, Sponsor of the Rhode Island Act on Climate, Representative Lauren Carson, Chris Kearns, Commissioner of the Rhode Island Department of Energy, Terrence Gray, Director of Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management, and Kerry Constabile, Vice Chair of Gold Standard’s Energy Advisory Committee, former Head of Sustainability Strategy for Google, and Climate Advisor for two UN Secretary Generals, and Pete Schork, a leader in the venture capital space and Principal at the Broadscale Group. Additionally, Paul Ellis, host of the Sustainable Finance Podcast, will serve as one of the key moderators. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates on additional participants and keynote speakers.

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Rooted in the ethos of giving back and fostering growth for Rhode Island, FountainHead RI offers leadership opportunities spanning generations. Evolving into a robust community, it gathers industry and business leaders nationwide. Its core concept is straightforward: to unite talented, motivated, and diverse individuals, fostering creativity and driving positive change. The outcomes of initial dialogues and gatherings proved inspiring, setting the cornerstone for FountainHead’s journey. FountainHead RI

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