Coronado, California(Hexa PR Wire–July 12 , 2023)Hanan Martha, founder and owner of Calypso Café, was a recent guest on the SAB Podcast. The episode, hosted by Dr. Julie Ducharme, focused on the unique aspects and challenges of running a restaurant.

Overcoming Challenges with Humor

One surprising element that stood out in the discussion was Martha’s use of humor. Despite the challenges she faced, her ability to maintain a lighthearted outlook and find humor even in difficult circumstances provided her with a valuable coping mechanism. Her candid accounts are not just enlightening; they’re also described as ‘funny as hell’, offering viewers an entertaining look into the highs and lows of running a business.

Calypso Café

The Story Behind Calypso Café

Martha’s journey from starting her business to making Calypso Café a community favorite is one of determination, persistence, and resilience. Her story serves aim to be a source of inspiration to other aspiring entrepreneurs, showing them that the path to success is not always straightforward, but it’s always worthwhile.

The Guest: Hanan Martha

Hanan Martha, a restaurateur based in Coronado, CA, provided a candid account of her experience in the restaurant industry on the podcast. Detailing the obstacles faced while setting up and operating Calypso Café, Martha provided listeners with a glimpse into the realities of running a business. Despite the trials encountered, the restaurant has become an essential part of the Cays community.

The Host: Dr. Julie Ducharme

In the role of the host for this SAB Podcast episode is Dr. Julie Ducharme. Ducharme brings her expertise to the discussion from years of engagement with corporations, colleges, and universities across the nation and internationally. With a background in communication, marketing, and leadership, she is known for her work as a speaker, author, and consultant. Through various roles such as serving as a doctoral chair and instructor at universities, leading her own consulting firm, and contributing to the transition of military veterans back to school and civilian life, Ducharme’s experience informs her role as a podcast host.

The SAB Podcast: A Platform for Business Insights

The Strategic Advisor Podcast, which features discussions with industry leaders across various niches, offers listeners a comprehensive view of business realities. From sharing stories and struggles to discussing wins in business, the podcast provides a platform for in-depth conversations on different perspectives in industry. This recent episode featuring Hanan Martha is another addition to its collection of insightful business narratives.

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