As the country resumes to some sort of normality following the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s a fantastic opportunity to have a look at some of the savings you’ve made over the last few months and how these can be continued. For many, the pandemic gave us the chance to reduce our outgoings and it would be a shame to get back into bad spending habits as the country resumes to business as usual. Let’s explore some of the ways you can continue to save money now that lockdown is pretty much over.

Continue working from home to slash insurance premiums

We understand that for many they may not have a choice, but if your employer is offering you the chance to work from home – do it! Not only will you slash your commuting costs by working from home, but you can make savings on your car and home insurance too. Working from home means your property is occupied for the majority of the day which will slash your premiums. Additionally, less miles on the clock each day will result in cheaper car insurance premiums too. You could be looking at a hefty monthly savings!

Ditch the fast food

McDonalds and KFC may have reopened, but that doesn’t mean you need to start going there again. Fast food is bad for your health and bad for your wallet. Despite the big queues when fast food outlets first reopened, we are seeing that they’re nowhere near as busy as they once were as people continue to make healthier choices. The money you’ll save by making and preparing food at home as opposed to eating out will be epic.

Cut out the alcohol

Just like fast food outlets, the pubs are nowhere near as busy as the public thought they might be. Alcohol is a huge expense on the monthly outgoings and cutting it out can save you hundreds, if not thousands per year. Your health will only improve too. No more horrible hangovers, less chance of heart disease and cancers and you’ll see the pounds fall off from your figure too. It’s a no-brainer!

Wave goodbye to the gym membership

Instead of spending £20 a month on a gym membership, you can invest this money in other ways. If you think about it, you can actually exercise for free any time you like! Especially if you pay for a membership and actually don’t get much use out of it anyway! 

Pick up some dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls and a yoga mat and you’ve got yourself a home gym! You don’t need expensive equipment to get in a good workout. Don’t forget about muscle recovery, which is so important to keep the muscles in their best working order. Using tools such as a vibrating foam roller or a massage gun can save you time and money on physio visits, as well as being portable and lightweight for recovery wherever you are! 

Embrace the stay-cation

Just this week, we have seen that UK citizens who have booked a trip to Spain are having to quarantine for 2 weeks once they land back in the UK. So why not avoid quarantine again and embrace the stay-cation this year? Put the money you would have spent on flights away for a rainy day. The stress of having to miss work for two weeks because of quarantine rules is simply not worth it!

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