Many healthcare professionals have heard of health coaches, but they don’t realize that there is a nursing niche for health coaches. For seasoned nursing professionals, nurse health coaching is a career option that is growing in popularity. A nurse health coach integrates healing solutions with coaching in order to help their clients achieve total health holistically. If a career as an RN health coach interests you, this article will explain what this career choice involves so you can decide if it is the right path for you.

What Is An RN Health Coach?

A nurse health coach is an experienced healthcare professional who supports and manages the health and well-being of their clients. They help their patients create plans that directly address their needs for better health. They support their clients in incorporating those plans into their daily lives. The primary goal is to help their clients reach their ideal health goals.

It is important to note that an RN health coach is not a medical provider. They do not provide medical advice. What they do is offer guidance, support, and resources to help patients live their life in the healthiest way.

What Are the Functions of an RN Health Coach?

Learning the job description and responsibilities of this profession is important before you decide to start this journey. Here are some of the responsibilities of an RN health coach:

Identify the Health Risks of the Patient

This is the most important responsibility of a nurse health coach. They identify possible issues and problems that can put the patient’s health at risk. They are trained to see the first signs of any risks that might affect the patient.

Serve As the Patient’s Advocate for Their Health and Well-being

RN health coaches always place the health and well-being of their patients first. They can work with medical insurers on the patient’s behalf to make sure that their clients receive the best service. They help patients understand the charges on their medical bills and encourage them as they make efforts in improving their health.

Create a Wellness Plan

A nurse health coach is especially helpful to those who suffer from chronic health conditions. The nurse health coach can help their patients come up with wellness strategies and create a plan that they can follow to modify their lifestyle for the better. These strategies include stress management techniques, an exercise regimen, adjustments in nutrition, and more. The nurse coach walks their patient through a journey to better health by helping them reduce their health risks.

Assist Clients In Making Informed Decisions

Medical terminology, medications, and procedures can be difficult to understand. A patient trying to comprehend this without help would only end up confused, frustrated, and possibly misinformed. This is where the nurse coach can help. They act as a liaison between the doctor and the patient and help in conveying to the doctor what the patient requires and what the best approach is. The nurse coach explains the options to the patient and helps them come to the best decision about their treatment.

Tailor Coaching Plans for Each Patient

The nurse health coach creates and customizes coaching plans for their clients. They learn all about their client’s health needs and tailor strategies to achieve their health goals. Each plan is unique to the patient.

Assess the Patients’ Progress Toward Their Health Goals

The nurse health coach monitors and evaluates their client’s progress toward their health goals. That includes reviewing their medical history, assessing the patient’s health status, and evaluating their lifestyle. If the nurse health coach finds that there is little or no progress, they will determine the areas that are the most challenging and will help their patients overcome them. The nurse health coach supports and encourages the client throughout this journey. They cheer on their clients and give them hope. With reliable support and frequent check-ins, the patient will gradually improve.

Design Workshops

Setting up group workshops and coaching sessions is another thing that a nurse health coach does. The workshops give clients a chance to connect with other people who are going through similar life and health challenges. Clients can feel like they are part of a community so they will not feel isolated. Patients will learn tips, techniques, and strategies for improving their health. The nurse health coach can facilitate discussions on health topics that are relevant so clients can exchange ideas. These workshops are beneficial in helping patients gain a better understanding of their health issues while feeling that they are not alone on their journey to better health.

The Bottomline

RN health coaching plays a key role in promoting wellness and is an important part of the healthcare team. An RN health coach can work in a variety of settings like clinics, hospitals, private practices, businesses, and insurance companies. Their primary objective is to promote health and wellness to their clients. They help their clients attain their health goals. This is an excellent option for those who are working as registered nurses. If this sounds like an exciting field for you, you can contact The Nurse Coach Collective and enroll in the Transformative Nurse Health Coach Program. The seven-month long program will train you and get you ready for certification after completion. The program is offered online, so you can take the courses from wherever you are. Sign up today, and begin your rewarding journey as an RN Health Coach.

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