Keeping a grill clean and maintained is necessary for it to serve you for a long time. A commercial grill should also be kept cleaned and maintained just like any other grill. You can consider buying a grill cleaner and grill brush in order to help maintain the grill without too much effort on your part. Here are some things you can do:

  • Clean it once a week by wiping the grill with moist cloth to remove any dust or dirt that have accumulated over time. Dry the grill before putting it away for storage or when not in use. If there are tough, baked-on food debris stuck on the grill, then try using a grill cleaner. You can also scrub it with a grill brush too so you can save more time mopping up tough grease and food residue.
  • Change grill grates. Grill grates may warp if left long enough without being taken care of. Replace damaged grill grates this way you’ll be able to cook food efficiently on your grill again. Over time, the heating element inside the grill may corrode. Also, grill grates may have to be replaced when it becomes rusty. Clean grill grates already being used on your grill by scrubbing them with grill brush.
  • Remember about grease catch pan before lighting the grill, it is important that you remember about taking out the grease catch pan from under the grill. If you neglect doing this, a big fire could occur and cause irritation to people’s eyes while starting the grill.
  • Clean grill hood after cooling down the grill after use, make sure that all ash and debris are cleaned off from inside of the grill hood. Soak up any remaining dirt using a cloth soaked in water. Wipe the grill hood with dry cloth.
  • Use Aluminum Foil If you grill fish or vegetables , then it is best to grill them wrapped in aluminum foil before cooking. This way, meat will not stick to grill grates and this makes the grill easier to clean too since food won’t stick to grill grates .
  • Close Lower Vents It’s important to remember closing grill lower vents when barbequing in order for heat not to leave the grill. This way, the grill will cook food more efficiently. Also, you’ll be able to save energy while doing this too.
  • Cover the grill when not in use, this will protect the grill from dust and debris that can accumulate inside the grill cavity. Also, cover the grill when the grill is being stored or not in use for a long time to keep the grill clean while not in use. Covering the grill will keep it looking good too over time by avoiding rust build-up on grill grates .

By following these simple but necessary steps, you will be able to maintain and take care of your commercial-grade grill so it can serve you longer. Maintaining a good grill means investing more money instead of buying another one because you did not want to provide proper maintenance and upkeep for it.