People often comment on how they have been unable to accomplish their goals. However, many people do not realize that part of their issue is how they structured their goals in the first place.

For some of us, our goals do not follow the proven SMART goal acronym. With this acronym, people have the chance to become detailed and focused on what their goal truly is. What is a SMART goal? This kind of goal is:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-Based

People who follow this acronym when they make goals are more likely to succeed with their goals. It gives you the structure that you need to overcome the barriers to your success. Here’s why everyone should be following this method.

Specifics Align Your Path and Your Goals

Vagueness does not help with success when it comes to planning and setting goals. For someone who wants to become a firefighter, stating that their goal is to “further their education” will not give them the right direction.

However, changing the wording to state that you will “continue gaining experience and pursuing an education that helps develop valuable skills a firefighter will use on the job” gives the person much more to aim for when searching for opportunities around them.

Make Time for Evaluation

Many people might think that setting goals are the first and final step, but evaluation should also be incorporated in the journey to success. People will grow their skills and continue to change; alas, some of the previous goals might no longer be applicable or helpful. This is why measurable goals, like the SMART goal setting method, allow people to see where they can improve and keep heading towards their overall goal.

Your Goals Become Easier and Aligned With Your Values

Ensuring that your goals are aligned with your values is one of the most important aspects of any goal setting section. People often make the mistake of making their goals without considering their values, but aligning the goals with your values makes them easier to accomplish. It provides more motivation because if you believe strongly in your values, you will begin to believe and become more aligned in pursuing your goals. Your goals should always be aligned with your values, especially if you want future success. 

Put in the Work

Using the SMART goal acronym will provide you with the motivation to pursue your goals. After setting goals with the above technique, then the hard work is next! With SMART goals, the limit is dependent on you and your work ethic. There are several other tools that people use, but this is one of the most promising methods. Next time you sit down for a goal-setting session, remember to be SMART, work hard, and always reassess your progress.  

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