Whether you’re a frequent Instagram user or a marketer or business owner, having enough background about this social media platform is very important. Since Instagram is becoming more and more popular, as a marketer you should be aware of the essential facts which can help you in controlling your marketing strategy as well as the brand campaign.

Nevertheless, some of the facts are surprising and shocking while others can be very interesting. This list of facts aims to inform you about the platform’s behavior, performance, as well as other fascinating facts which may possibly clear your doubts and answer your questions regarding Instagram.

Facts About Instagram That You Need to Know

  • A lot of people tend to click on Instagram ads

Did you know that a whopping 81.6 percent if Instagram users click on advertisements? In the actual fact, this is a surprise because often we hear that most people are sick of seeing an advertisement.

But nevertheless, you can rock and grow your account on Instagram without making use of advertisements. However, if advertisements really make sense for your IG account and want extra boosts during a special event or launch, don’t hesitate to run ads.

  • People care about the followings that you have

On Instagram and even on other social media platforms, numbers don’t lie. Actually, most people care about that number of followings that a particular user has. Take note, most people tend to follow an account that has a considerable number of follower.

That is why, if you like to grow your account on Instagram and want to become famous, think of how you can accomplish it in an organic and natural way. You may also want to comprar seguidores Instagram to increase your number of followers in an instant.

  • Instagram was initially known as Codename

This social media platform was founded last October 2010. At first, Instagram was known as Codename, but before it was launched its name was changed to Instagram.  

If you’re wondering where the term Instagram came from, it actually, means telegram and instant camera.

  • Other Facts
  • Almost 50 percent of people who are using Instagram follow a business.
  • 95 million videos and pictures are shared on the platform every day.
  • Many Instagrammers revealed that they’ve learned about services and product on Instagram.
  • Since 2016, the Instagram feed was substituted from a sequential to algorithm-driven.
  • Influencers collect up to $100,000 for every sponsored post.
  • Valencia is the most commonly used nature filter
  • Over half a million advertisers grow their business with the help of Instagram.
  • More than eight million Instagram profiles are actually business profiles.
  • Around 60 percent of Instagrammers follow hashtags, so when you’re using hashtags make sure to use it wisely.


Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms all over the world with more than 700 million users. So if you want to use it to advertise your brand or simply want to become famous, make sure to keep the above-mentioned information in your mind.  

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