You may have an impression that web applications have already pushed desktop solutions out of the IT landscape. Yet, despite the outright dominance of mobile and web solutions, there are still several reasons to develop desktop platforms in 2023. In this post, empowered by insights from PNN Tech dedicated team, we will discuss what makes desktop application development still relevant and which experts you will need to develop such systems. 

Basics first: what is a desktop solution

Desktop solutions comprise all programming products which run on a desktop computer, providing a UI for output and input. The most widespread OS for this kind of solution is Linux, Windows, and macOS. For example, you may develop an app for media creation, photo/video editing or communication solution. Such systems are easily accessible without an internet connection. At PNN Tech, we develop apps based on different programming languages, such as PHP, C/C++, Java, Ruby on rails, etc. 

Among the benefits of desktop platforms are fast operation, a high level of data protection since everything is located on your machine and much lower expenses. 

What kind of software remains desktop-based and sought-after nowadays?

Enterprise solutions. If your company needs to perform different complex operations, desktop DAS (digital adoption solutions) or ERP (enterprise resource planning systems) may be options to consider. 

Background-functioning applications. Occasionally, it is critical for a corporate solution to operating in the background. That’s an additional reason to opt for a desktop. 

Solutions with complex UI. For instance, dependent on GPU, video games with relatively high performance still operate primarily on computers or laptops. 

Systems with vulnerable data pieces. For some organizations, the significant part is protecting sensitive information. If it’s also your case, think of storing all the data on your computer. 

Which team member will help you to release the desktop solution project?

  • Business Consultant

His task is to thoroughly analyze the primary project’s objectives and short-term and long-term business needs. In line with that, an expert writes application requirements necessary for project management plan development. 

  • Project Manager

As one of the key team members, the project manager is responsible for composing documentation and informing all stakeholders about deadlines and deliverables.

  • Software Architect

From his part, the specialist offers engineering and architectural oversight of the system, participating in drawing up documents. 

  • UX/UI Designers

UX designer creates UX wireframes and modifies them if necessary; UI designer works with UI wireframes to transform them into UI design mockups. 

  • Software Developer

In line with QA recommendations, software engineers fix bugs and malfunctions and review code units. DevOps experts perform automation of testing where it is needed. 

If you are interested in discussing desktop software development in more detail, feel free to contact the PNN Tech team:

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