As the winter looms closer, preparing your business for the colder weather becomes somewhat essential. An autumn clean will get your workplace ready to tackle what the winter has to throw at it. If you’ve never done an autumn clean before, you may not know where to start and what potential issues the winter can bring. Here are some autumn cleaning tips to get you started.

Prepare the heaters

The biggest issue in the autumn and winter months is the cold. Keeping your team at a comfortable temperature is vital to your success between now and when the weather warms up again. Cleaning heaters is a fairly simple process, particularly if they are electric. Ensure that all dust that has collected over the year has been cleaned off before the heaters are switched on for the colder months. Any excess dust in the heaters can pose a fire risk, especially if it comes into contact with the heating element. 

If you have a gas heating system, you will need to ensure that all fittings, pipes, and venting systems are in full working order and correctly cleaned as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Clean all surfaces

Cleaning surfaces regularly is key to getting rid of any germs that can cause illness to your workforce during the winter months. Germs can be easily spread and infect your workers with nasty coughs and colds, so cleaning surfaces with antibacterial products will ensure that any germs will be eliminated before they take over. Use hand sanitizers. There’s a Custom Hand Sanitizer just for you.

Clean all kitchen areas

Kitchens are used more in the autumn and winter months in the workplace. As the weather gets colder, workers are likely to be drinking more hot drinks, using kettles and other utensils. Germs can easily be spread among kitchen surfaces and utensils if they are not properly cleaned. Although employees may rinse their cups or other utensils after use, it’s a good idea to make sure that all items in the kitchen are cleaned using antibacterial products or sterilised in a dishwasher.

Clean windows to make the most of the light

As the days become shorter, making the most of the daylight is very important, especially if you want to keep your workers in high spirits. Many people don’t realise how dirt on windows can have an effect on the amount of natural light that is let into a room. Making sure windows are regularly cleaned using specialist glass cleaning products can help to tackle this.

Invest in floor cleaning equipment

Floors can really take a hit when the autumn and winter come around. With wetter weather on the rise, it’s easier to understand how foot traffic can bring in a lot of dirt onto carpets and hard floors. If you don’t own one already, an industrial vacuum cleaner is a must. Depending on the amount of hard flooring in your workplace, it may also be a good idea to invest in a floor buffer or other hard floor cleaning equipment.

Air ducts

As the weather becomes colder, ventilation in your workplace can become an issue. Keeping air ducts clean is essential to ensure that the building is well ventilated. You can also buy certain cleaning products that are specially designed for cleaning air ducts and other ventilation systems.

Clean spaces where seasonal decorations are held

It’s a good idea to clean areas where Christmas or Halloween decorations are stored, in preparation for the celebrations. You want to make sure you can easily access these items when you require them and not have to turn your workplace upside down when it comes to decorating for the holiday season.

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