As business owners, we all want our business to stand out from the rest and there are many ways to do this, but one very effective and affordable way to advertise your brand, your product and your service is to consider installing some kind of light box sign, advertising on the front of your store. Any advertising executive will tell you, that light boxes are generally considered to be one of the most effective ways of advertising your business on the high street. Others will advise you to advertise online or in magazines, but having signage right there at the front of your store, still continues to be very effective.

It Attracts Customers.

When a sign is illuminated, it tends to attract more customers to your business, and the more customers that come in, the higher your sales. A lighted sign allows you to reach customers who just happened to be walking or driving past your store, and if your sign catches their eye, then they are sure to come in, even if it’s just out of curiosity. You can get custom LED light box signs made in Melbourne and these signs provide you with all day visibility, even when your store is closed. It is a great way to promote the name of your business and also your brand, and the signs can be made from a number of different materials.

Energy Efficient.

There are so many positive features of light box signs and they provide you with instant and constant advertising. They help you to mark your space on the high street and the sign itself can be visible from both sides. The installation of LEDs will make your sign more energy efficient and thus reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are just a couple of the many benefits of creating a custom LED light box sign for your business.

  • More visible – The purpose of an advertisement is to get potential customers to notice it and an LED light box sign is perfect for this. Due to the fact that it’s lit up, people will notice it without any great effort on their part. We are all naturally drawn to the light and if you choose the colours correctly, there is a great chance that potential customers will notice your sign. Once you pay for your sign initially, then there are no ongoing costs, apart from a little electricity for the LED bulbs inside.
  • More professional – When choosing your LED light box sign, you need to make sure that it looks professional and it stands out from the competitors closest to you. Your sign is your first and sometimes only, opportunity to communicate with your customers. It’s important therefore, for your potential customers to get the impression that you are a professional company, and that you offer a professional service. If customers look up and they see a sign that clearly was designed without any real effort, then they are going to move onto the next store that took the time to create a professional sign.

If someone was to offer you advertising that you paid for one time initially, and then it was free from that point onwards, you would jump at the chance. This is what an LED light box sign can offer you. It’s getting your message out there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and for 365 days of the year.

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