The modern office has come a long way from those horrible 1980s concrete blocks with no light and poor air circulation, especially using one of these office refurbishment companies.

Employees these days are more likely than ever to look at the comfort of the office building to help them decide if they want to work with you, just as they are to look at the actual job description itself.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, many employees have gotten used to working at home, but equally many are fed up with being stuck indoors and are looking forward to being back in the office to be sociable and reconnect with their team.

Here are eight modern office decor ideas to entice your employees back into the office in 2021.

Social Spaces

For many employees, the office is somewhere they will go to equally to work and to also be sociable. For employees living in big cities in cramped house shares, offices can prove a welcome escape, and having areas that are designed to encourage social activities can be a great draw.

Companies like provide retro arcade games, table football and pool tables for spaces just like this. These can encourage de-stressing and teamwork, which is all a bonus for your company.

Mix Of Interior Materials

No one likes ugly grey laminate everywhere, so improve your office look by mixing materials to create a warmer environment.

Materials such as wool, steel, raw wood, and even high gloss plastic can really bring a space to life.

Light, Light, and More Light

Get rid of those horrible flickering fluorescent overhead lights and open your space up. Natural light is a winner here and, if possible, skylights are the best option. Get in as much natural light as possible as this will also reduce your lightning bill too.

Walking Areas

Walking meetings are all the rage right now, as sedentary office workers are looking to get more exercise into their day.

Creating spaces where employees can walk and talk together is a great way to encourage healthy activity whilst not impacting productivity.

Standing Desks

As well as walking areas, standing desks have become popular over the last few years, and many employees who suffer from lower back pain have found the option of a standing desk to be a great help.

Even better than a standard standing desk is an option to be both standing and sitting as this gives the best flexibility.

Improved Food Options

If your cafeteria serves chips and burgers every day then it might be time to rethink. 

See if you can improve the food options, or maybe do one day a week as a specialized dish to give your employees a bit of healthy variety.

More Colors

Gray and beige seem to be two colors that offices love to use, but they are incredibly boring. Add dashes of color with new upholstery, pop-art wall art, and even a feature wall to improve your office look.

Quiet Zones

Don’t forget those quiet spaces for employees to work undisturbed, they will thank you later.

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