Packing your suitcase for a long trip can be overwhelming at times. To make sure you have everything you need and to maximize the space in your bag, here are 7 essential tips when packing:

Pack Essentials First

Make a list of all the must-haves that should go on top like your passport, credit cards, phone charger, medication etc., so you can easily access them and make sure nothing is left behind.

Roll Your Clothes

Saving space in your suitcase means rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Rolling tightly reduces wrinkling and helps save space in the bag as well as keeping everything organized.

Use Vacuum Bags or Compression Sacks

Vacuum bags and compression sacks are great space savers when packing your suitcase. By compressing bulky items like winter clothes, you can save a lot of volume in the bag.

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are amazing for organizing your suitcase and keeping all your items separate and organized. They come in a variety of sizes and they have the extra benefit of reducing wrinkles in your clothes.

Avoid Overpacking

Be mindful of how much you’re packing and make sure to leave some room for souvenirs and items that you may buy while on your trip. Don’t forget to weigh your bag before leaving for the airport so you stay within the airline’s weight limit.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Bulky shoes can take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Instead, opt for comfortable walking or running sneakers so you don’t have to worry about packing them. This is especially important if you’re planning on doing a lot of sightseeing and need comfortable shoes.

Pack a Plastic Bag

An extra plastic bag is always a great idea to have in case you need something to store wet items or want to separate dirty clothes from clean ones.

With these tips, you can make sure that your suitcase stays organized and maximize the space so you can fit everything you need for your upcoming trip. Happy travels!