Tax protest turns Vodafone's smile upside down Sun 12th Dec 2010
From Wikileaks to #ukuncut: Twitter gets political Wed 8th Dec 2010
These brilliant protests on tax dodging can unite us all Mon 6th Dec 2010
Anti-cuts protesters force Topshop to close its flagship store Sun 5th Dec 2010
UK Uncut protesters spied upon by undercover police Sat 4th Dec 2010
Mayhem in Oxford St as protests target stores including Topshop flagship branch over firms avoiding tax bills Sat 4th Dec 2010
Join us at Topshop and make Philip Green pay Fri 3rd Dec 2010
Philip Green to be target of corporate tax avoidance protest Mon 29th Nov 2010
How Vodafone made tax dodging respectable Sun 14th Nov 2010
Vodafone stores face more protests over alleged tax avoidance Thu 4th Nov 2010
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