UK Uncut hacks into Vodafone website Thu 10th Mar 2011
Activists hijack Vodafone site over 'unpaid tax' Thu 10th Mar 2011
UK Uncut and US sister group stage more protests at banks Sun 27th Feb 2011
Reclaiming the banks: Activists turn British banks into creches, classrooms, and laundrettes Sat 26th Feb 2011
UK Uncut inspires US groups to attack cuts and tax avoidance Fri 25th Feb 2011
Barclays branches hit by protests over 1% tax bill Mon 21st Feb 2011
Public 2 - Robbers 0 Sat 19th Feb 2011
UK Uncut protesters target Barclays over tax avoidance Sat 19th Feb 2011
UK Uncut: Grassroots protests spread from Wales to Mississipi Fri 18th Feb 2011
UK Uncut targets the banks as copy cat groups forms in America Fri 18th Feb 2011
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