Police and protesters clash at HMRC tax demo Mon 24th Oct 2011
Protesters against NHS reforms occupy Westminster Bridge Sun 9th Oct 2011
UK Uncut NHS protest Sun 9th Oct 2011
UK Uncut protesters block bridge in London Sun 9th Oct 2011
UK Uncut ambush launch of Vodafone-sponsored Tate Debate Fri 29th Jul 2011
Vodafone meeting hit by UK Uncut protest Tue 26th Jul 2011
Met police are accused of pursuing a 'vindictive' case against UK Uncut tax protesters Sun 24th Jul 2011
Fortnum & Mason protest: CPS drops charges against 109 UK Uncut activists Mon 18th Jul 2011
UK Uncut highlight Vodafone tax dodge at Latitude Festival Sat 16th Jul 2011
UK Uncut and student activists to join public sector strikers on 30 June Wed 15th Jun 2011
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Mon 24th Oct 2011

Sun 9th Oct 2011

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