UK Uncut podcast #1: Interview with disability activist Anne Novis MBE

Posted on Thu 23rd Feb 2012, 10:56pm
In this very first UK Uncut podcast Anne Novis MBE discusses how the Welfare Reform Bill and local council care cuts will affect her and other disabled people. Anne was awarded an MBE for her work on disability hate crime, and in this interview she describes the harrowing rise of hostility and abuse that disabled people face as the government and the media pump out more and more rhetoric about 'scroungers'.

Listen to the podcast here

Block the Budgets!

Posted on Fri 17th Feb 2012, 9:13am

This February and March, local councils will vote on whether to pass their annual budgets. If they do, they will be making vast cuts to our public services and jobs as our libraries and health services and our youth and welfare centres all come under attack. Town Halls are now the front-line of the government’s attack on our public services.

Last year’s total council budget funding cut was £4.7bn, biting hard into the lives of millions of people. Councillors across the country toed the party line and voted through these cuts. But local government does not have its hands tied. Last year there were examples of councils refusing to rip apart the services that so many of us rely on: Tower Hamlets kept it’s EMA and Hackney Council refused to make the harsh cuts to front line services that the government were imposing on the country.

Town Halls are supposed to be a place for the people, a place where democracy rules. But instead the government has made them the arena where their harsh, unnecessary and unfair cuts are implemented. People around the UK are responding to this injustice by reclaiming their Town Halls and coming out to demand an end to these shameful budget cuts.

The government claim that these cuts are necessary, and that ‘we are all this together’- but this is a lie. There are alternatives to the cuts. Here is one: make the richest companies and individuals pay the tax they owe. Whilst the government cuts services that help the poorest in our society, £25 billion in tax is dodged by corporations and rich individuals every year. Vodafone’s £6bn tax dodge alone could pay for all of the cuts to council budgets.

There are already actions, lobbies, demos and occupations planned across the country. Check out the map below to find one near you- let us know if you’d like us to list one we’ve missed.

View Block the Budget in a larger map

If there isn’t already one being organised in your area, consider calling for one. Get in touch with your local council to find the date of the budget vote. Consider if you want to meet outside or inside your Town Hall, and what activities you want to do while you’re there- such as a musical protest, a people’s assembly, or a teach-in.

Solidarity is what can stop the cuts. Support your local Town Hall action so that together we can block the budgets!

Guest post: Our direct action on the Welfare Reform Bill

Posted on Sun 5th Feb 2012, 1:34pm
By Andy from Disabled People Against Cuts

What a fantastic success!

Thanks to all of you who turned out to support the action by Disabled People Against Cuts, Disabled People’s Direct Action Network and UK Uncut in the West End on Saturday. The action was designed to create a space where disabled people could have their own voices heard about the terrible impact that the Welfare Reform Bill will have on some of the poorest, most isolated people in this country.

Hundreds of people came from as far away as Edinburgh, Manchester, Cornwall, Sunderland and Birmingham to be part of the largest disabled people’s direct action for years, bringing truth to the saying, “if you build it, they will come.”

At 12 o’ clock, dozens of disabled activists supported by members of UK Uncut blocked off the corner of Regent Street and Oxford Circus by running chains across the road, and linking to the chains through d-locks attached to people’s wheelchairs. In one well-practised action, carried out in seconds, we had taken over the West End. Central London’s main shopping district was on lockdown – and we had the keys! We were soon joined by hundreds more anti-cuts campaigners, including a samba band who kept the energy up through the protest.

Police turned up to help us by shutting off the roads we hadn’t blocked, which was very public spirited of them. They then asked us how long we wanted to stay, and accommodated us for the next two hours. They even asked if we would give up one lane of traffic. I think it was because they wanted to stage their own demo alongside us. It’s just a shame they didn’t bring their banners.

Those who did bring their banners included Disabled People’s Direct Action Network, Black Triangle, Mental Health Resistance, London Autistic Rights Movement, Occupy LSX, Mad Pride, Winvisible, Single Mother’s Self Defense, Right to Work and many many more. There were lots of speeches from disabled activists and anti-cuts campaigners, and some catchy (and not so catchy ) chanting. The atmosphere was fantastic, and we had a great response from the passing public.

Media coverage was huge. We dominated local and national lunchtime/evening bulletins, rolling news channels, and radio and online outlets all day. We had some fantastic testimonies as to why people were on the action, and some very powerful arguments as to why this bill has to be stopped. We came to show we mean business, and that we won’t take their plans for us lying down. Having made our point, we decided to let London have its streets back and left as one at 2pm. And in the age-old tradition, following our activity we went to the pub.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. And these terrible cuts won’t be stopped in a day either. This was just the first in a series of planned joint actions with the anti-cuts movements, as part of an on-going wider campaign over the next few months to show that we have power to resist, and that we aren’t afraid to exercise it. So watch this space.

Until next time, here are some ways you can help:

If you can make it to London on 13th February, attend this action:

Come and join DPAC to deliver Maria Miller (Minister of Disabled People) our protest letter opposing the closure of the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

Where: Caxton House, 6-12 Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9DA

When: Monday February 13th 2012

Time: Assemble: 2pm next to Caxton House

We really need your support to challenge the fact that cutting the fund puts over 20,000 disabled people with significant support needs at risk.

For further details contact DPAC:, or call Hammersmith & Fulham Coalition Against Community Care Cuts (HAFCAC) on 07899 752877.

Go to – educate yourself, join up or support our campaigns in any way you can.

Write to your MP: or House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA and tell them to oppose welfare cuts.

Seek out disabled activists in your local area, and form a branch of DPAC.

Here’s a round-up of media coverage on the day.

We also got in the print editions of the national Sunday papers: Mail on Sunday, Mirror (a photo on page 2!), Observer, The People (also a photo on p2) and Daily Star (photo on p6).

Thanks again for all the support and messages.
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