Help make corporate tax dodgers pay their fair share

Posted on Tue 18th Oct 2011, 11:02am

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Over the last few months, several people have asked whether there was some useful way of using the Government's new epetition platform to help stop cuts to public services.

Caroline Lucas' Tax and Financial Transparency Bill is made up of two simple measures which could help to raise billions of pounds to offset the cuts. The Bill is scheduled for a second reading on 25th November, but it is not guaranteed time for debate. A large number of signatures on the associated petition will help put pressure on MPs to find time on the day. In addition, if the petition gets 100,000 signatures, the Backbench Business Committee will be obliged to consider it for debate (it was this process that resulted in the Hillsborough debate last night).

Caroline acknowledged during the trial of the Brighton Uncut superglue 9, where she acted as an expert witness for the defence, that "there does come a point in many campaigns where you have to go beyond signing petitions". UK Uncut remains firmly focused on direct action and civil disobedience (and unattached to any political party), but if you can, take a minute to sign the petition as a step towards making corporations pay their fair share.

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A medical bill from 1931

Posted on Sat 8th Oct 2011, 11:39am

Dear UKuncut,

The medical bill I have attached is one received by my Grandmother for her husband’s hospital treatment after he was injured and gassed in WW1. Is this what we can expect in the future?

I will not be able to be in London this weekend, but you have my heartfelt support. The decimation of the NHS must be stopped.

Margaret Hayton

Dear Margaret

Thank you so much for your email, we are all really glad to receive it.

We would love to share a copy of the medical bill on our blog. Would you be happy with that? We can censor personal information on the bill if you would prefer.

Thanks again for writing to us,
UK Uncut

Dear Uncut,

I think that if you release it as it is it will have more impact. It is not a thing to be ashamed of that family fought for our country in both WW1 and WW2. My late husband also served a period of National Service. He died in 1996 in spite of the excellent care he received from the NHS. All my experience of the NHS has been good, though I have been healthy enough not to have much need of it.

It makes extremely angry when I read of the so called “reforms” this government is railroading through without proper debate. Our only hope is to rely on the undemocratic Lords to throw it out. That is not good enough for a so called democracy.

Margaret Hayton

Dear Margaret,

We couldn't agree with you more. Thank you so much for sharing this document. We'll put it on our website tomorrow.

Our very best wishes,
UK Uncut

Margaret can't make it to Block the Bridge, Block the Bill tomorrow. Can you?

Summary of support for Block the Bridge, Block the Bill

Posted on Sat 8th Oct 2011, 10:41am

Join us tomorrow at 1pm on Westminster Bridge as we Block the Bridge, Block the Bill!
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