CALL OUT: Boot Out Boots

Posted on Tue 24th Jun 2014, 1:06pm

It’s football season and it’s time to BOOT OUT BOOTS!

Facebook event:

The Government won’t make Boots pay, so we will!

Boots have dodged £1.3bn in Tax since 2007.

That’s £1.3bn of our money that could be spent on safe homes, schools, hospitals, women’s services, legal aid and keeping our NHS public.The tax dodged by Boots alone could pay for 78,000 nurses or 5.2m ambulance calls.

Despite numerous calls for an investigation, HMRC are not interested in looking into Boots’ dodgy tax deals. The Government refuse to make them pay yet continue to slash our much needed health and welfare services saying there is no money left.

Don’t just get angry, get your football boots ready, get your kit on, pull your socks up and join UK Uncut for a football-themed action.

Saturday 28th June 3:00PM

107 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6RA

Follow #BootOutBoots on the day for a SURPRISE...

See you on the streets!

This is action is taking place in London, if you want to take part in one near you you can organise it through the UK Uncut website. Have a look at these tips for how to organise an action, and list it here.

Like at all UK Uncut actions, it's realy important that you know your rights. Have a look at this blog to stay safe on the day.

Know Your Rights

Posted on Mon 23rd Jun 2014, 1:17pm

#VodaHome and #TaxDodgersAlliance

On June 14th, UK Uncut activists closed down Vodafone shops around the country. It was a huge success, with hundreds of people taking to the streets to oppose Vodafone's outrageous tax dodging. You can read all about it here.

On Saturday 28th UK Uncut is going back to another tax dodger that we've protested at before: Boots. Boots are being investigated by the Government for avoiding £1.3bn in tax. In London, protesters will be at their store on Victoria Street, and other actions are already planned elsewhere too.

Momentum is building again. People are angry and are taking to the streets to show it. These protests are part of a wider movement against austerity, last weekend 50,000 people marched on Parliament to demand alternatives to austerity, UK Uncutters from all over the country were there as the #TaxDodgersAlliance.


If you’re coming along to a UK Uncut action on Saturday, as with any protest and act of civil disobedience, it’s important to know your legal rights.

At the London action on Saturday there will be legal observers from Green & Black Cross who are there to record what happens at the protest and to monitor police behaviour. If you notice anything significant, go over and tell one of them. GBC's legal support number is: 07946 541511

GBC has some great information about protesters' rights, as well as a model ‘bust card’ – providing simple info about what to do if you do get arrested - you can download these here and give them out on the day.

There were no arrests at any of the VodaHome actions, arrests at UK Uncut actions are rare, but the police response is unpredictable. It’s important to look out for each other and for everyone who comes on UK Uncut actions. If you're coming, try to buddy-up with someone and look out for them.

We will have fun, we will make our resistance known. And we will look out for each other’s safety. See you on the streets!

CALL OUT: Tax Dodgers Alliance

Posted on Tue 17th Jun 2014, 8:00am

Join the UK Uncut bloc on the #NoMoreAusterity march, June 21st

This Saturday, thousands of people will be taking to the streets of London to demand an alternative to austerity. If you are sick of this governments’ cuts and lies, tired of politicians from all of the big parties telling us that there are no alternatives, angry about super-rich tax dodgers getting a free ride, then come and join the UK Uncut bloc on the demo.

Meet 12:15pm Bedford Square, London, WC1B

Come and join the newly formed 'Tax Dodgers Alliance'. Big businesses and the super wealthy are welcome. Bankers, lawyers, CEOs, new money, old money... What do we have in common? We're stinking rich & we don't want to share - our cash is offshore.

Come dressed as a tax dodger – are you going to be suited and booted or in your best holiday gear just back from visiting your favourite tax haven?

Bring placards and banners fitting for the Tax Dodgers Alliance. Here are some ideas: "Tax is for little people", ‘I’m with Gary Barlow’, ‘Who needs the NHS?’

Marching alone won’t stop the cuts. We need to be taking direct action against the government and the tax dodgers. Watch this space for an announcement about UK Uncut’s next action. But marches are an important way to come together and show our strength. And they can be fun.

See you on the streets

Demonstration route:
The Tax Dodgers Alliance bloc will meet at Bedford Square, then join the main march from the BBC's doorstep, marching through central London, and ending with a free festival outside Parliament.

Transport to London:
There are coaches coming from over 40 locations to the demonstration, many of them for free with new coaches being booked all the time! Find your nearest one here.
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