Block the Bridge, Block the Bill posters/flyers

Posted on Fri 23rd Sep 2011, 2:12pm
You can use the files below as either posters or flyers. Why not stick some posters up around your workplace and neighbourhood or leave a stack of flyers in your local hospital?

Block the Bridge, Block the Bill coaches

Posted on Fri 23rd Sep 2011, 11:21am
This is the list of confirmed coaches to Block the Bridge, Block the Bill. Get in touch with the person named to reserve a spot. If you don't get a response, email

Birmingham: departing 8.30am from Carrs Lane. Contact

Brighton: departing 10am from Pool Valley coach station, Old Steine. Contact

Leeds: departing 6am outside Leeds University Parkinson Building. Contact Laura James on 07741069422

Liverpool: departing 7.30am from Hardman Street. Contact

Manchester: departing 6.30am from Steve Biko Building, Oxford Road. Contact

Margate: departing 9am from Cecil Square. Contact

Nottingham: departing 9am from Royal Centre in Nottingham. Contact

Oxford: departing 10am from outside the Taylor Institute. Contact

Poole: departing 9am from Poole Civic Centre. Pickup at Bournemouth Train Station. Contact

Sheffield: departing 8am from Paternoster Row. Contact

Torbay: departing 6am from the bus station. Pickups at Newton Abbot 6.30am, Exeter 7am, Taunton 7.45am. Contact, see

Block the Bridge, Block the Bill

Posted on Wed 21st Sep 2011, 3:34pm

The government is just weeks away from destroying the NHS forever. This is an emergency. On Sunday October 9th at 1pm, join UK Uncut on Westminster Bridge and help block the bill.

Free coaches available! See here for more information
Posters/flyers available here
Read through the legal tips

On one side of Westminster Bridge is Parliament. On 7th September, MPs in the Commons voted for the end of the NHS as we know it. Yet the coalition’s Health and Social Care bill was not in the Lib Dem manifesto. It was not in the Tory manifesto. None of us voted for this.

On the opposite side of the bridge is St Thomas’ Hospital, one of Britain’s oldest medical institutions. If the bill passes, hospitals like St Thomas’ will be sold to private corporations, the staff put on private payrolls and beds given over to private patients. Despite the government’s lies, this bill represents the wholesale privatization of the NHS and, with it, the destruction of the dream of comprehensive healthcare provided equally to all.

On October 11th, the bill moves to the Lords, and a huge Liberal Democrat rebellion is brewing. We have one last chance to save our NHS.

On Sunday 9th October, just days before the bill moves to the Lords, join UK Uncut in a spectacular act of mass civil disobedience to block the bill. By blocking Westminster Bridge we symbolically block the bill from getting from Parliament to our hospitals. Yes, it will be disruptive. Yes, it will stop the traffic. But this is an emergency and we have to shout as loud as we can.

Get to the middle of Westminster Bridge shortly before 1pm. When Big Ben strikes one, pick one of the tactics below and help block the bridge:
  • Bring some fake blood and play dead
  • Bring hospital radio to the bridge with some music and comedy
  • Bring a nurse for a resuscitation skill-share
  • Dress up in scrubs and perform an operation
  • Enjoy a picnic overlooking Parliament
  • Share stories about the the NHS
  • Invite a friend from across the pond to describe the reality of a privatised healthcare system
  • Invite older generations to describe a time before universal healthcare
  • (if you’ve got other good ideas, email them to
Invite everyone you know to the Facebook event, and make sure you click ‘attending’ – the action will only go ahead if 1000 or more people plan to attend. We'll be in close contact with St. Thomas’ before and during the protest to ensure access for emergency vehicles.

We will not let a coalition of millionaire politicians and private health lobbyists destroy our NHS. Be on Westminster Bridge for 1pm on October 9th and together let’s block this bill from getting to our hospitals.

See you on the bridge.

Press release: UK Uncut to shut down Westminster Bridge in protest over NHS bill
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