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Posted on Thu 15th May 2014, 12:01am
We’ve had enough of Osborne and his fat cat cabinet sheltering tax-dodging companies like Vodafone yet failing to offer good quality, affordable housing to millions of people. Join us on June 14 when we’ll transform Vodafone stores across the country into the homes we all need and deserve!

We are in the midst of a national housing crisis caused by cuts to housing benefits, the bedroom tax, a lack of housing for disabled people, social cleansing of our cities and soaring rents. Evictions and homelessness have risen, while providers of services for the homeless have been cut.

The government says we can’t afford to fund social housing and benefits but Vodafone has not paid a penny of corporation tax since 2011. On June 14 – ahead of Vodafone’s AGM – UK Uncut will be going back to Vodafone to remind them if the Government won’t make them pay their tax then we will. So gather your friends and family as we transform branches up and down the country into living rooms, shelters, refuges, bedrooms and hostels. We will show that we are here to keep the pressure up on tax avoiding millionaires, and that empty words from Cameron’s Government won’t stop us.

If you’re angry about unaffordable rents, the bedroom tax, housing benefit cuts, social cleansing, empty houses and millions being left without safe and secure homes, then take action! If it makes you sick that Vodafone can get away with not paying tax, then take action! If you say NO to the government sheltering tax-dodging companies and YES to safe, affordable, secure homes for all then take action!

So grab your sleeping bags, lamps, chairs, rugs, mates, toys and turn your nearest Vodafone into a home. Check the actions page to find an action near you. If there isn’t one, why not start one off? We’ve got a step-by-step guide on how you can organise one yourself. UK Uncut actions are creative and fun. If you need any help get in touch on – we need to make sure the Government and Vodafone hear us roar!

Power to us, power to you.
See you on the streets!

Press release: UK Uncut response to Gary Barlow tax story

Posted on Sat 10th May 2014, 1:59pm
Press Release, for immediate release:

In response to today's revelations about Gary Barlow's tax affairs, UK Uncut spokesperson, Kara Jackson, 28, said:

"Today's news that Gary Barlow has been getting away with dodging millions in tax is another example of how the rich think it's one rule for them and another for the rest of us. Millionaires and corporations are being let off the hook - yesterday it was revealed that Amazon is still paying way less than what it should.

It only takes a minute for the government to get real about the rich paying their tax. Every new story about another OBE, multinational or Tory millionaire not paying their share makes more of a mockery of the governments claims that were "all in this together". People are angry at this injustice and we'll be keeping up the pressure on tax dodgers this summer."


For media enquiries: 07415 063 231

Press release: Direct Action groups to target Npower over fuel poverty deaths

Posted on Thu 21st Nov 2013, 2:01pm
For Immediate Release Contact:07415 063 231 / 07586 482 157

• Over a thousand people will take action against Npower and other Big Six energy companies on day that Winter Death statistics are released

• Anti-austerity groups including Fuel Poverty Action, UK Uncut, Disabled People Against Cuts, and the Greater London Pensioners Association reveal Npower as key target (Npower Supply and Trading Offices, 60 Threadneedle Street, EC2R 8HP)

• Further protests to take place in Oxford, Lewes, and Bristol

Acting together under the banner of ‘Bring down the Big Six – Fuel Poverty Kills!’ direct action groups will hold ‘an outrageous, creative and inclusive’ protest at the London office of the German energy giant Npower on Tuesday November 26th midday.

Meeting at 11.30am at Royal Exchange by Bank tube station, hundreds will march on Npower to protest against winter deaths, price hikes and their devastation on the planet. Simultaneously, Oxford-based protesters will target British Gas at their new Oxford HQ . (1) So far over 1000 people have pledged to take part in the protests so far. (2) At least 7,200 people died last year in the UK due to cold homes. (3)

Npower is the UK’s most complained about energy company. It received 202 complaints per 100,000 customers between April and June – double that of it’s nearest rival EDF (4) as well as increasing its’ prices higher than any of the other Big Six this year (9.3% electricity and 11.1% for Gas) The company has also defended seeking a 5% profit margin which is widely regarded as excessive (5)

Npower have also paid zero corporation tax for the past 3 years despite reporting a 34% profit rise of £413million last winter due to price hikes as an estimated 300,000 people were pushed into fuel poverty. (6)

Sarah Price of UK Uncut said: ‘The Big Six are an example of incredible corporate greed. Huge profits are extracted from the public whilst they suffer at the hands of austerity. David Cameron and his cabinet of millionaires are only too happy to stuff the pockets of big business while ordinary people are left out in the cold. The combined wealth of cabinet ministers is £70 million and they will never feel the pain of those who can’t afford their energy bills this winter. People must be put before profit, and with creative direct action, we will stand with the elderly, the poor and vulnerable to fight for OUR power. Fuel Poverty must end.’

Joseph Murphy of Disabled People Against Cuts said: ‘Another harsh winter will mean more disabled people will find themselves isolated in their homes, unable to heat them, or cook properly. Many don’t make it through. Politicians and energy firms talk about ‘measures’ and ‘support’, which are only available to a very few. The energy firms continue to sit in government departments writing energy policy, in buildings where the heating is paid for by the very people who will die of cold this winter. This is a disgrace. We ask all disabled people to take action, and to show this government, and these companies, that we wont take this and will fightback’.



Fuel Poverty Action – 07586 482 157

UK Uncut – 07415 063 231

Disabled People Against Cuts 07508 983 610

Greater London Pensioners Association 020 7209 3084


2 this number does not include those who have pledged to come but do not use social media

3 Last year there were 24,000 excess winter deaths in England and Wales. According to the World Health Organisation around 30% of excess winter deaths can be attributed to cold indoor temperatures – which based on current figures means around 7,200 people died last year due to cold housing in the winter months. Source:







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