Occupy for the Alternative!

Posted on Tue 22nd Mar 2011, 11:16am

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On March 26th, join UK Uncut as we take over Oxford Street, say no to the cuts and make the tax dodgers and the banks pay.

11.30am Meet outside the National Theatre on the South Bank to march with the UK Uncut bloc
2.00pm Come to Oxford Street to join in the actions. You can view a list of planned actions on the actions page. This might mean leaving the march a little early. Talk to people as you march, explain to them what Occupy For the Alternative is and see if you can persuade them to join you.
3.30pm Gather at Oxford Circus ready for a mass occupation of a top secret target. You don’t want to miss this!

Until now we have been fighting a phoney war. On March 23rd George Osborne announces his budget and the real battle begins. We don’t know the exact details of the budget yet, but what’s certain is that it won’t be a blueprint for any mythical Big Society. Instead, it’ll be a recipe for a society that is smaller, colder and crueller.

But there is an alternative. And on March 26th the fight back begins properly, with hundreds of thousands of people descending on London to join the TUC’s massive March For The Alternative. UK Uncut will be joining the march, but we’ll also be bringing a little something of our own to the party.

Over the last five months, thousands of UK Uncut volunteers across the country have been hitting the high streets to show that there are alternatives. Collect the tax dodged by the super rich and make the banks pay for the crisis they caused.

On March 26th, just after the huge march has reached its final destination, we’re going to be holding Occupy For the Alternative, a massive simultaneous shut down of banks and tax dodgers on London’s Oxford Street.

From 2pm flash mobs, bail-ins and occupations will shut down the dozens of banks and tax dodgers along the length of Europe’s biggest shopping street.

And at 3.30pm, after the dispersed actions, there will be a massive final convergence, ready for a spectacular mass occupation of a secret target.

March 26th is not the end of the battle against the cuts. It is the beginning. Join us on Oxford Street and let’s help kick things off in style.

After you’ve marched, why not occupy? See you on the streets.


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Setting up the actions on Oxford Street is up to you! If you have an idea and a few friends, why not pick one of the potential targets on Oxford Street (see map below) and list an action? Maybe you want to set up a library in Vodafone? Or flashmob Boots? Or what about bailing-in to Barclays?

There will be lots of people on Oxford Street, so don’t worry too much about getting numbers. If you list it, they will come. All you need to do is grab a few mates, come up with a cool idea, get any props you need and list the action on the website as normal.

We’ll have all the flyers you need to engage the general public and will give them out to you on Oxford Street. All you need to do is list the action, maybe make a banner, bring some friends and occupy!

View Tax dodgers and banks near Oxford Street in a larger map