Sat 21st Apr 2012

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Virgin messed up our railways! Would you trust them with your health?

Serial tax-dodger and financial predator Richard Branson is poised to take a huge chunk of our NHS, thanks to Andrew Lansley's Health and Social Care Act.
Virgin Rail is already the number one rail company for customer complaints. What will happen when Virgin Care gets hold of the NHS?

Already, Virgin Care has taken over Surrey Community Health services. Doctors and nurses have been transferred from the NHS to being employed by an unaccountable private firm. No longer do they work for an organisation whose aim is care. They work for an organisation whose aim is profit, regardless of social cost.
Although the ConDem Coalition denies that it want to privatise the NHS, this is precisely what the government is doing. The Health and Social Care Act may be law, but every privatisation must be fought! Join the fight to defend our NHS!

Branson tried to muscle in on oxfordshire'shealth services before. We beat him off last time. We need to do the same again.
As part of the national day of action against Virgin, come and give Richard Branson and the ConDem government the clear message that we won't sit back and allow Virgin and other firms to take our NHS

Join the Picket!
12 noon outside Virgin Media, Cornmarket on April 21st.
Called by Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance

Meeting place Virgin Media, Cornmarket, Oxford
Time to meet 12 noon
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