Sat 18th Dec 2010

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Big Society Revenue & Customs: Pay Day
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Saturday 18th of December is Pay Day, with actions in cities across the country. Once again our London action will be hitting Oxford Street to take on some of Britain’s biggest tax dodgers. Over 200 people came on our last London action and we successfully shut down both Vodafone and Philip Green’s Topshop, the largest fashion retail store in the world. This time it’s going to be even bigger. Here’s the plan:

There will be two blocs, each bloc focusing on a specific target and a specific cut. You choose which bloc to join.

The Sports Bloc
The Sports Bloc’s mission is to target Topshop and highlight the proposed £162m cuts to school sports. Philip Green’s £285m tax dodge could have funded almost two whole years of school sports in every school in the country. Sports Bloc will meet inside Topshop’s flagship store and hold our very own sports day. At exactly 1.04pm, on the PE teacher’s signal, the games will begin. Bring bean bags, hula hoops, eggs and spoons, sacks, and three-legged race partners. Team up with your friends and organise some games. If you want to join Sports Bloc, come with flyers, banners, and don’t forget your PE kit (perhaps wear it under your clothes?)

The Library Bloc
The Library bloc’s mission is to target Vodafone and highlight the government’s 27% cuts to local government budgets. Vodafone’s £6bn tax dodge could pay for every single cut to every single council everywhere in the country for the next two years. Library bloc will meet inside Vodafone’s flagship store to stage a read-in. At exactly 1.04pm, on the librarian’s signal, everyone will sit down, take out a book and begin reading. If you want to join Library Bloc bring flyers, banners and a book. And remember…shhhhh!

The action will be done by 3pm.

See you on the high streets!


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