Mon 14th Mar 2011

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Cut 100 jobs and services totalling 2.3 million pounds, so that we can bulldoze Traveller homes at Dale Farm?

Demand that taxpayers cough up another 10 million pounds for the eviction?

Get a bank loan and sell off our playing fields? When we've already spent 3 million pounds in legal, administrative and other costs to drive Travellers from a former scrap heap that they own?
When we can find £15 million to evict families from their own land but can't find the funds to keep nurseries, libraries and youth centres open - something has gone terribly wrong,

These cuts aren't necessary -- like others of their kind, they are a choice. A choice of what kind of society we want. Are we really going to axe 100 jobs so that we can pay to make 50 families homeless??

Utter madness. But on March 14th, that's what Basildon council want to do. Join us at 6:30 pm for a protest outside the meeting. And write to Theresa May: saying that you don't think she should approve 10 million pounds to bulldoze homes.

And sign the pledge to stay at Dale Farm if they try to bulldoze it:

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From London, Towngate Theater is only a half hour train ride from Fenchurch Street Station (get off at Basildon Rail Station)

6:30 pm
Towngate Theatre
St. Martin's Square

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