London, Hanover Square
Sat 26th Feb 2011

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Big Society Bail-In: RBS
Added on Mon 21st Feb 2011, 2:09pm — last updated Thu 24th Mar 2011, 7:38pm


Corporations have been given special powers to avoid tax...

...We have been given special powers to fight back.

If you want to kick ass, and release the hero inside join...

Uncut Heroes United

Intelligence has picked up that there are 'hotspots' where Corporate extremists may attack. These hotspots appear to correlate with listed UKuncut actions. As a member of Uncut Heroes United your presence is required at these events across the country.

Your 3 part mission at these events is:

1 To be silent protectors and watchful Guardians

2 To 'Spank the Banks' - if we are attacked by bankers.

3 To ensure that socio-economic justice is served

4 To support the real public sector heroes at these events that are facing massive job losses

We have unconfirmed INTEL on the appearance of: LIBRARY WOMAN (libraries hero), HIT GIRL, TREEMAN (Forest fighter), RUBBISH MAN (outsourcing fighter), VAT Man, and Doctor NO (NHS cuts). Watch the skies for further updates.

Intelligence sources in London draw attention to:

Superhero meet-and-greet to prepare for fun and games in Hanover Square, 10.45am right at the spot where superhero Pink Jumper Man was last seen, slipping back into his civilian disguise, after defeating the arch-villain Hedge Fundo.


To identify yourself as a member of Uncut Heroes United the password is: UHU

See you on Saturday.

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— Mark, Edgar & Buzz Lightyear