Sun 30th Jan 2011

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Big Society Revenue & Customs: Deadline for Corporate Tax Dodgers
Added on Tue 25th Jan 2011, 8:27pm — last updated Thu 24th Mar 2011, 7:38pm

Edinburgh will again take to Prince's Street in a walk of shame - highlighting tax dodging big business in our city.

Last time we occupied HSBC (Dodgers of £2 billion) - and very quickly distributed 400 flyers with a great response from the public - before visiting some of the classics: TopShop, Boots, Bhs and Vodafone (obviously!)

But who will the targets be this time?

Sadly this time the decisions will be out of our hands. We have word from deep inside the confusing world of tax-dodge that a very special guest will be taking the lead.

Meet 12pm - Wellington Statue on the east end of Princes Street (opposite The Balmoral hotel)

Bring placards! - Print flyers! - Make a banner!

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