"UK Uncut have played a significant part in changing the terms of debate around economic policy in the UK and have been praised by politicians and the media for doing so. Indeed UK Uncut played a key role in ensuring that more people were at the march on Saturday than otherwise would have been. At all times they acted in a way which complemented and supported the TUC march... We will continue to support UK Uncut, alongside thousands of others, until tax justice is secured so the poorest do not have to pay the price of a financial crisis caused by the richest."
— Extracts from a letter of support for UK Uncut jointly signed by Compass, PCS, Unite, GMB, NUJ, Tax Justice Network, War on Want, Jubilee Debt Campaign and People and Planet
"This House congratulates UK Uncut for the role it has played in drawing attention by peaceful demonstrations to tax evasion and avoidance and to the need for firm action to secure tax justice."
Early Day Motion 1146 proposed by John McDonnell MP and signed by 24 MPs across 5 parties
— Naomi Klein
"UK Uncut’s strength lies in its creativity, good humour, and laser-like focus on the most blatant forms of hypocrisy in the establishment’s austerity narrative. Their actions strike me as a good complement to the huge march organised by the TUC. Together they provided a nice mixture of different forms of protest on the day. The irony is that UK Uncut’s detractors accuse them, and not the targets of their activism, of behaving in an anti-social way. In reality, its the billionaire parasites who enjoy the benefits of doing business a functioning society while refusing to pay their fare share of the cost that are guilty of the worst form of anti-social behaviour. UK Uncut are the opposite. They perform a huge public service for the whole of society, above all for the poorest and most vulnerable, and are now starting to bear real personal costs in doing so. Their bravery is sharply contrasted with the cowardice of some of the anonymous trolls posting their worthless snarky comments underneath this article."
— David Wearing, co-editor of New Left Project, responding to Cuts protest: I'm a political prisoner now
"UK Uncut have brilliantly exploited public indignation against tax dodgers like the perma-tanned billionaire voluptuary, Philip Green, who use accountancy devices of byzantine complexity to avoid (and sometimes evade) paying taxes due to the UK. They have raised a flag of rebellion which could actually change the government’s policy over the cuts."
"You would be sent to prison if you claimed all your British wages ‘really’ belonged to your wife in a foreign tax haven and refused to pay any tax on it. But not Philip Green. You would be sent to prison if you claimed a massive chunk of your income ran through a post office box in Luxembourg and refused to pay any tax on it. But not Vodafone. UK Uncut is standing up for the 99.99 percent of British people who pay our taxes - and are disgusted to see that super-rich billionaires don’t." "There was a time when we left the question of banking to nerds, wonks, and lobbyists. You can leave this question to them again, if you want – but the price could be your job and your home. Or you can choose the UK Uncut path this weekend, and defend yourself against the next mugging and the next crash."
— journalist Johann Hari in guest posts on the UK Uncut blog
"What a clever, well-targeted protest. When the whistle blew and the protesters emerged from among milling shoppers perusing handbags and hats, it took just a few hundred people to shut down Philip Green's flagship branch of Topshop, in London's Oxford Street – and 22 other stores in his empire around the country. Summoned by Twitter, the UK Uncut movement brings together an instant army, peaceful, good-natured and witty in its songs and chants. For a while they stopped Green's tills ringing on the year's busiest shopping Saturday... It is no coincidence that the government today hurried out a "clampdown" on tax avoidance."
"Ideas without action are like recipes without ingredients. For that, we all need dynamic initiatives like UK Uncut who can bring the issues alive on the streets where people live, work and shop. A dysfunctional banking system is possibly the greatest obstacle to creating a better, sustainable economy. If UK Uncut can get bank reform talked about in the same way that they triggered pub conversations all over the country about tax avoidance, there is hope. At the very least, they are helping to ensure that nobody leaves the scene of the crime until justice has been done. I believe that UK Uncut is the Big Society in action at its very best."
nef fellow Andrew Simms in a guest post on the UK Uncut blog
"UK Uncut give people the strength to feel like they can affect change, and empower people to take action. This is why I love them. They have a clear, correct point and show how society could be more just and they are audacious and above all, fun! I am so grateful that I can join in with them."
"The Uncut movement is streets ahead of any protest movement I can think of. They've taken an issue that is baffling in its complexity and shrouded in secrecy and obfuscation, and forged a powerful, punchy, creative global movement. They have, at last, identified one of the great faultlines in globalisation, and decided to do something about it, bringing people into the streets and facing down some of the world's biggest corporations in the process. I cannot praise them highly enough."
Nicholas Shaxson, author of Treasure Islands
"Instead of taking cheap shots at David Cameron, they are making a tricky, worthwhile argument about tax... it looks likely that they have at least put tax justice back on the Westminster agenda. Which is where it belongs."
"No pies, no anarchists in balaclavas, no arrests... WTF. An impartial observer could be lead to believe that UKUncut is actually a grass-roots movement of British tax-payers that are concerned about the current cuts in public services occurring when HMRC is failing to collect tax from powerful multi-national corporations."
— A well-liked comment on Facebook refering to this video

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