What is a UK Uncut action?
A UK Uncut action is an action that's listed on the actions list. Take a look at the gallery for examples of the kind of creative civil disobedience people have engaged in.
How do I join/sign up?
We do not have formal membership - people 'join' UK Uncut by going along to an action. Check the actions page for an action near you. If there isn't one, why not organise one yourself?
Are there things I can do apart from attending/organising actions?
Yep! Here are a few ideas:
I'd like to organise an action, but I don't want to do it alone - and none of my friends are interested in helping out.
Check out the people section and send a message to people near you.

You can also try getting in touch with organisers of previous actions in your town/city by searching on the actions page. Here's an example search.